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The AAL Association


The AAL Association is an international not-for-profit association according to Belgium law, and it is responsible for leading the AAL  Programme. The supreme body of the AAL Association is the General Assembly, which is composed by representatives of all Partner Countries. The General Assembly meets at least three times a year and elects an Executive Board that is the official legal representative of the Association, and is responsible for staffing, contracting, and the budget planning. The AAL Association also avails of the technical advices of an Advisory Board, which is composed by eminent personalities in the fields of business, innovative technology, research or politics.




The AAL Association is co-managed by national coordinators, and a central management unit that is headquartered in Brussels. The Association is responsible for leading the AAL Programme. The national coordinators are the first referents of the AAL P in their countries. Individuals, companies, research institutes, Universities or other organisations intending to apply to the call for proposals of the AAL P should firstly get in contact with them for more extensive information on how to apply and for a partner search, for instance. The central management unit is based in Brussels, and is the main responsible for the management of the overall programme in the interests of all countries, it coordinates the calls for proposals and it manages the budget.