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Success Stories

One of the main aspects of our programme is the market orientation of the funded projects.

After the first phase of the AAL JP, we are trying to make an evaluation of the work done so far as we see the conclusion of some projects from the first three calls. We have selected some success stories. These projects have shown to have fulfilled their goals and to have set promising and ambitious objectives of the future.

Some of them already went to market.


  1. Access
  2. AALuis
  3. Co-Living
  4. CapMouse
  5. Connected Vitality
  6. Domeo
  7. Express 2 Connect
  8. Fearless
  9. Help
  10. Inclusion Society
  11. My Life
  12. Rosetta
  13. Rehabilitation Gaming Systems
  14. Softcare
  15. We Care
  16. 2PCS


Download the Success Stories 2015

Download the Success Stories 2016