ICT for ageing well.



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Over the course of the  project, which was coordinated by Robosoft, DOMEO accumulated over 700 days of experiments with real dependent patients, the end users. Through this work and these experiments Robosoft has built up extensive experience in the field of assistive robotics, but they also now have, most importantly, a clear vision for how to approach the market in the short term.



In fact, despite robots being very promising, it is still a challenge for potential users to distinguish between the dream and the reality of what is actually possible. That is why they classified in the fundamental premise of the PCP-Silver project; that robots are likely to be most useful to the assistance professionals themselves.





Awarded in the Silver competition

The DOMEO project was awarded by the SILVER competition as one of the winners.  Want to see more? Click here


This is how we help projects delivering social innovation

We, at the AAL Joint Programme, are seriously committed in helping our projects to go to market so that they can deliver for the good of individuals, society and economy. This is social Innovation.

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