DOMO SAFETY is a sensor system that concentrates on two aspects of care in the care home and assisted living context. The first, as the name suggests, is related to safety by providing fall detection for people in a home or monitoring the location of people with dementia. It also alerts carers about any problems by connecting with call centres, who are then able to contact care givers. Connectivity is key here, as all carers are kept in the loop, ensuring a continuity of care.


The second aspect is health-related through the monitoring of behaviour and routines within the home as well as physiological information like heart and respiration rates. Again, alerts are provided, ensuring action can be taken if needed.


Safety systems in care homes are, of course, not new, but as you will hear in our interview with him, Guillaume DuPasquier believes the pandemic has forced people to consider installing such systems sooner than they may well have done before. He believes, however, that the bigger and more positive impact, the pandemic may have on us all, is the acceleration of the digitisation of health and care systems now. “This will have a profound effect,” he says. “More and more health care professionals have seen first-hand now that good health services can be delivered digitally.”

Interview with Guillaume DuPasquier

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