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How to Apply

Do you work for an SME? for an R&D institute or an end-user organization? 


If yes, then you can apply for the funding scheme put in place by the AAL Programme and  start your own AAL project: each country has its specific eligibility criteria.


  • Each call is published (around the month of February or so) with guidance information on the call topic and budget, the important dates and additional information like the applied funding rules.
  • Proposals can only be submitted for open calls during the period specified in the call document.
  • During the submission process, the software will already check formal eligibility criteria and the completeness of information. It allows submission only after all criteria are met by the proposal.
  • The potential applicant has the responsibility of ensuring that all consortium partners meet the national eligibility criteria; therefore, each partner is strongly encouraged to contact the NCP in order to ask for a pre-eligibility check of proposals



A proposal consists of two parts:

  1. Part A contains the administrative information about the proposal and the participants including a proposal abstract, contact details and characteristics of the participants, and budgetary information.
  2. Part B presents the project idea, the project content, the project implementation (the Consortium) and the potential exploitation of the proposal. For this purpose, a template is offered on the proposal site, which is obligatory to be used.

The template is designed to highlight those aspects that will be assessed against the evaluation criteria. The expected length of this description is normally between 15 to 33 pages. The template itself gives further binding guidance rules for proposers. The template is made available with the publication of each call.


The granted subsidy for project partners consists partially of national funds and European funds. The AAL Association will pay the European co-funding on request by the national funding authorities that forward the amounts to the project partners that are administered by them. The AAL Association does not transfer any funds directly to accounts of project partners.


It is highly important to contact the National Contact Persons for funding details.