ICT for ageing well.



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Who can apply

Consortium must include at least:

  1. one eligible business partner;
  2. one eligible SME partner which can be the business partner;
  3. one eligible end-user organization.


  • Eligible for funding are only organisations that are explicitly included in the national eligibility criteria (available in the Annex of the Guide for Applicants for each call).
  • It is highly recommended to consult with the National Contact Point  prior to submission of a proposal.
  • In addition, the project may eventually include organizations that are not requesting for funding or organizations that are not eligible for funding according to national eligibility rules or organizations not residing in any AAL Partner State.
  • Such organizations may be associated to the project without funding from the AAL Programme but they cannot be crucial for the project’s implementation and they will not be taken into consideration when assessing the project proposal against the eligibility criteria and project characteristics stated above.


Eligibility criteria

On the level of the consortium (i.e. on the European level), the following eligibility criteria need to be fulfilled:

  • Submission of a complete proposal through the AAL electronic submission system before the deadline, as specified in the Call for Proposals;
  • English as the language of the proposal;
  • Consortium composition of at least 3 independent eligible organizations (legal entities), from at least 3 different AAL Partner States participating in the Call for Proposals;
  • Size of the consortium: 3 – 10 partners;


With respect to European and national eligibility criteria, the AAL Partner States have agreed on three principles:

  1. The funding committed by one Partner State is reserved for project partners from this country.
  2. National funding rules apply (i.e. an Austrian partner will be administratively managed by the Austrian funding agency, a Danish by the respective Danish agency and so on).
  3. Only a minimum set of eligibility criteria are set on the European level and these will be published with each call.