ICT for ageing well.



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Our strategy

A vision towards 2020


The AAL Programme is set to bring new ICT-based products, solutions and service concepts onto the market within two to three years of the end of the funding period. Large, medium and small enterprises are encouraged to participate in the projects and co-design the solutions with end-users. In this way, the programme provides a unique opportunity for SMEs and large enterprises to develop innovative AAL solutions and bring their ideas closer to the market.
In the AAL Programme, we promote business, technology and social innovation, especially that based on ICT, to ensure that products, systems and services give effective support to older adults in their everyday lives. These solutions are being used by or for older people to enhance their quality of life in the context of active and healthy ageing.
In our vision, business innovation and the application of technology-based solutions will enable people to live their lives to the fullest, where and how they choose. For the AAL Programme, older adults are more than just an age category with specific needs: we place people first, with their wishes and aspirations. We envision a society in which the application of technology and innovative new services and systems creates a level playing field for all, with regard to both consumer markets and services provided to the public. Furthermore, these technologies and services have the clear potential to generate jobs and boost the growing Silver Economy.


The AAL Programme will:

  • benefit the individuals and their family;
  • benefit support and care systems across Europe;
  • benefit European economies.


For more detailed info, read: the full stretegy document for 2014-2020