How to apply for funding

The topic of the 2021 Call:

Advancing Inclusive Health & Care Solutions for Ageing Well in the New Decade


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Project framework

When considering your project for the AAL Programme you need to be aware of a number of points:

  • It must have a time-to-market perspective of a maximum of two to three years after the end of the project
  • Have a total project budget of €1 – 5 million
  • The maximum funding you can receive from the AAL Programme is €2.5 million
  • Produce a realistic trial set-up at the end of the project
  • Have proactive end-user involvement throughout the life of the project
  • Have defined market segment(s) use cases and target group(s) and address the wishes and need of these specific group(s)

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Eligibility criteria

Are you interested in starting your own AAL project?
Do you work for an SME, an R&D institute or an end-user organisation?
If so, then you will be eligible to apply for the AAL Programme funding scheme.

Your consortium must include at least:

  • 1 eligible business partner
  • 1 eligible SME partner (this can also be your business partner)
  • 1 eligible end-user organisation

On a European level, you must fulfil the following:

  • Submit a complete proposal through the AAL electronic submission system before the deadline, as specified in the call for proposals
  • The proposal must be in English
  • Consortium composition of at least three independent eligible organisations from at least three different AAL partner states participating in the call for proposals
  • The consortium must include between three to ten partners

European and National eligibility criteria: AAL partner states have agreed that:

  • The funding committed by one partner state is reserved for project partners from this country
  • National funding rules apply
  • Only a minimum set of eligibility criteria are set at European level and these will be published with each call

Application process

Here is all you need to know about the application process from the Call to your proposal:

  • There are dedicated eligibility criteria for each country.
  • Each AAL call is published with information on the call theme, budget, important dates you need to be aware of and additional information on the applied funding rules.
  • Proposals can only be submitted for open calls, not closed calls, during the period specified in the call document.
  • During the submission process, a proposal will be checked by software and will only be submitted when all the criteria and completeness of information are met.
  • The potential applicant has the responsibility of ensuring that all consortium partners meet the national eligibility criteria. Each partner is strongly encouraged to contact the National Contact Persons in order to ask for a pre-eligibility check of the proposal.

Your Proposal

A proposal consists of two parts:

  • Contains the administrative information about the proposal, who is participating and short description of them, a proposal abstract, contact details and budgetary information.
  • This part presents the project idea, content, the implementation (who the consortium is) and the potential exploitation of the proposal.

An obligatory template is provided on the proposal site. This template will include the evaluation criteria and highlight where you will be assessed. It will be made available for each new call.


The granted subsidy for project partners consists partially of national funds and European funds. The AAL Association will pay the European co-funding on request by the national funding authorities who forward the amounts to the project partners that are administered. The AAL Association does not transfer any funds directly to accounts of project partners.

For complete details on funding, we highly recommend you contact the National Contact Persons

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