ICT for ageing well.



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ActGo-Gate is a Python-based web-application linked to open source solutions for alternative currencies and commercial ERP systems, complemented by mobile apps to provide anytime/anyplace access. Three occupational modules support different forms of social participation by older people.

  • The “Serve the community” module enables customers to participate by offering their informal support to other community members (informal volunteering work).
  • The “Flexible occupation” module brings together local service providers with golden workers and active retirees, who want to engage in part-time jobs and occupations.
  • The “Get involved with organizations” module aims to bring together people for social projects, e.g. as part of corporate volunteering programs.
  • These modules will be run in three different locations, an urban setting in Northern Germany, a rural setting in Southern Germany, and a small town setting in Switzerland.

The project’s goal is to create an ICT based marketplace supporting entrepreneurship, self-fulfillment and social participation for golden workers and active retirees. The project aims to create a transferable model as a gate for different occupation modules. The model builds on local social marketplaces (existing local communities or social network sites) that serve as a basis and starting point for developing three occupational modules: “Serve the community”, “Flexible occupation”, and “Get involved with organizations”, each to start off in one of the three pilot regions

Expected results and impact:
  • ActGo-Gate provides a platform for self-determined, flexible participation in different contexts (paid and unpaid), leveraging the self-entrepreneurship and social participation of golden workers and active retirees.
  • An integrated marketplace with intelligent matching of supply and demand allows situational and individual management of occupation with little time and effort
  • Mobile applications (with a focus on easy-to use interaction concepts like NFC) allow flexible, anytime/anyplace and easy to use access to the platform.
University of St. GallenR&DSwitzerland
Mobanode Ltd.SMEIreland
Wroclaw University of Economics – Institute of Business InformaticsR&DPoland
Entwicklungszentrum Gut altwerden GmbHEnd-userGermany
Business Engineering Institute St. Gallen AGSMESwitzerland
Alster Service Center GmbHEnd-userGermany

Coordinator: University of St. Gallen, Institute of Information Management

Duration: 36 Months

Starting Date: 01 October 2014

Total budget: EUR 3,03 Mio

Public contribution: EUR 1,61 Mio


Dr. Philipp Menschner,,
+41 71 224 3323