ICT for ageing well.



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Within the gAALaxy project bundles of existing innovative AAL solutions will be combined and interoperable with professional home automation systems in order to deliver a unique and unified end-user experience. The solutions within gAALaxy provide a holistic support for end-users as all relevant areas of daily life are considered. Still the focus is on three distinct areas: safety, comfort and mobility. Especially the provided security at home and outsides rises and supports independency, self-reliance and physical relief for oneself as well as for family members and friends. The technological design of gAALaxy and its high usability allow to select the functions at end-users’ own choice and to easily control them via the installed technologies. So called integrated AAL scenarios can be implemented and activated using all solutions combined in the gAALaxy bundle. From 150-180 households will be testing the gAALaxy bundle for 6-12 months to be able to measure the effects and the impact of the AAL solutions and scenarios.


The motivation behind gAALaxy is to support older adults in staying autonomously and socially active in their familiar environment and in introducing them to AAL-technologies while using an ambient and activating approach. The unique holistic approach of gAALaxy is the merging of stand-alone solutions that support elderly people in their core areas of life by combining home automation with AAL products and services on an adaptable and modular “AAL ready Smart Home” system that fits into the changing life phases of the user.

Expected results and impact:

Next to the expected result that market-ready AAL-solutions will benefit from the interoperability created by gAALaxy and the creation of AAL scenarios that also make use of the capabilities of Smart Home solutions the project aims to measure the effects on Quality of Life aspects by primary as well as secondary end-users. By doing so the project will, besides providing new standardized APIs, at like a business catalyst for AAL products to easier reach customers and sales channels. Even after the project duration, it is planned to have an ongoing cooperation based on gAALaxy to integrate more solutions and to develop AAL scenarios using other technologies.

University of
University of AntwerpBelgiumwww.uantwerpen.beR&D
European Academy of Bolzano / BozenItalywww.eurac.eduR&D
Austrian Red Cross – Freiwillige Rettung InnsbruckAustriawww.roteskreuz-innsbruck.atEnd user
Privatklinik Villa Melitta – Casa di CuraItalywww.villamelitta.itEnd user
CogVis GmbHAustriawww.cogvis.atSME
Fifthplay n.v.Belgiumwww.fifthplay.comSME
SIS Consulting GmbHAustriawww.sis-consulting.comSME
SF1 BvbaBelgiumwww.sf1.beSME

Coordinator: University of Innsbruck Department of Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism

Duration: 30 Months

Starting Date: 01 May 2016

Total budget: 3,785,408.81 €

Public contribution: 2,072,994.94 €


Felix Piazolo
+43 512 5705123