ICT for ageing well.



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Virtual assistance Software for the daily life of Elderly

Cloud Platform

Data Science


The PA consists of intelligent software that can integrate any existing and proven technology and home automation appliance available. These can include communication (by telephone, screen calls, email or reading the local news), home-based consumer technology, agenda maintenance to support daily structure, medicine alerts, supervision or exercise.

The involvement of the end-users vary per country.

One of the Dutch end-user organisation is implementing the project for a social sub-urbs area management, their aim is to deliver better services and being better connected with the elderly in their town through technology and the innovation.

The other Dutch end-user and the Belgian end-user organization aims to deliver technology-innovation centred services in their service-flats and care organizations.

The Swiss end-user organization aims to use the technology on top of delivering innovative solutions as an business model integrated home-automation system interface.


Delivering Virtual Assistant “Anne” as an assistance for the daily life of elderly people.

Integration with Home automation systems.

The My Life, My Way project will provide a Personal Virtual Assistant that enables large groups of people to live independently longer by giving them an easy-to-use, most natural way to interact with supporting technology. The Personal Assistant (PA) is the result of a reliable and innovative technology.  It is able to learn autonomously from its users, their personal preferences and needs. While the technology in the background is quite complex, for the end users the PA is a friendly, human-looking avatar on their screen (be it computer, tv , tablet or smart phone). They can speak to the PA using natural language (speech recognition).

Expected results and impact:

A seamless working Virtual Assistance software for elderly anytime- anywhere availale for caregiver organisations and individual elderly

Home automation system(HAS) integration V.A. as an interface between Human -HAS

Developing new features based on end-user input on existing V.A. software

A B2Market commercial product development

OrganizationType CountryWeb address
ENGIE Services Zuid Nederland BVLarge
Virtual Assistant
Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts / iHomeLabResearch
Senior Living GroupResearch
UC Leuven-LimburgEnd-user
Trivium MeulenBelt ZorgEnd-user
Municipality of DeventerEnd-user
HAN University of applied SciencesResearch

Coordinator: ENGIE

Duration: 36 Months

Starting Date: 01 March 2016

Total budget: €2.077.178

Public contribution: €1.067.079


Arzu Barské,
M +31 6 133 943 61 ,
PO Box 210, 3980 CE Bunnik –