ICT for ageing well.



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The wellbeing modules use a 3D sensor together with an RGB camera to provide feedback and to inform on how to change unhealthy situations (e.g. sitting position, malnutrition, too less water consumption, etc.). Due to the combination with social exergames, the motivation to use the platform is increased. Moreover, insurances and companies from Germany and Austria are already integrated in the advisory board and offer additional distribution channels.

End-Users are integrated throughout the project via telephone interviews (appr. 500 older adults at their workplace), questionnaires and interviews during the field tests (at least 55 older adults). Field pilots are split in phase A, including 5 lead users and a long-term test in phase B, lasting 12 months and including at least 50 elderly employees. Moreover, the system development is closely coupled to the field pilots as well as the end user requirement analysis ensuring a high amount of high quality feedback.


Wellbeing offers a holistic web-based platform, combining physical training, workplace ergonomics, nutritional balance and stress management in order to ensure a healthy life style at the workplace, especially focusing on the needs of older adults. Since older adults are working in very diverse fields, the project focuses on the main thing they all have in common in order to reach a broad target group: performing their job in a sitting position for a longer period of time. Hence the project supports e.g. secretaries, office clerks, technicians, lawyers at the same level and can be extended to new target groups easily.

Expected results and impact:

The system will improve the quality of life of the end-users (older employees/white-collar-workers) in a twofold manner: 1) the system increases physical and cognitive fitness, which improves the employability in older age and counteract occupational age discrimination as well as early retirement; and 2) wellbeing motivates participants to change their lifestyles to healthier and more conscious ways of life, which improves physical mobility, agility, stress resistance and overall health status. Due to fostering a healthier lifestyle, wellbeing contributes to reduce the pension expenses.

CogVis Software und Consulting
Vienna University of Technology, Inst. for Computer Aided Automation
AIMC Advanced Information Management Consulting
Fitbase Institut für Online Prävention
Stichting Smart
Ingeniería y Soluciones Informáticas
University of Vienna, Department of

Coordinator: CogVis Software und Consulting GmbH

Duration: 35 months

Starting Date: 01 June 2014

Total budget: 2.5 M€

Public contribution: 1.6 M€


DI Michael Brandstötter, MSc
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