Call 2020

The topic of the 2020 Call is “Healthy Ageing with the Support of Digital Solutions.”

Update 1: the AAL Programme has extended the application period until 24/08/2020 at 17:00 CET due to the public health crisis caused by COVID 19.

Update 2 (04.06.2020.): In response to several requests by potential beneficiaries with regard to Call 2020, the AAL Programme would like to clarify that responses to the current Covid-19 crisis can be taken into consideration within the ongoing proposal.

Update 3 (01.07.2020.): Clarification on the Call text: participants are advised that the Declaration of Intent which is mandatory to submit as an annex to a Collaborative Project proposal in the AAL Call 2020 should be coming from stakeholders external to the project itself (not project participants).

AAL Call 2020 is part of the Active & Assisted Living Programme (AAL Programme) that was approved in May 2014 by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. As part of the work programme, the AAL Programme has launched a new Call for Proposals in February 2020: “Healthy Ageing with the Support of Digital Solutions.”

The aim of the Call is to support innovative, transnational and multi-disciplinary collaborative projects. Call 2020 is characterised by the following approach:

  1. The AAL Call 2020 is open to developing ICT-based solutions targeting any application area(s) within the AAL domain. The solutions need to be embedded in the strategies of the participating end-user organisations, service providers and business partners.
  2. The AAL Call 2020 allows for more flexibility regarding the scope, size and duration of the proposed projects (including small collaborative projects).

The AAL domains include solutions for Active Living, such as in work & training, for vitality & abilities, in leisure & culture, for information & communication, as well as for Assisted Living, such as in health & care, living & building, mobility & transport, safety & security.

Call Features

Collaborative project proposals must demonstrate a clear route to market and added-value for the different types of end-users. The wishes and aspirations of older adults in combination with the demands from the other stakeholders involved – e.g. providers and payers – will have a critical role in shaping useful and attractive AAL solutions with a high market potential. Both “Collaborative projects” (carried out by consortia composed of at least 3 organisations from 3 different countries including an end user organisation and a business partner) and “Small Collaborative Projects” (with a shorter duration and smaller budget) will still be funded through this Call.

Collaborative Projects

Main features and objectives

Collaborative Projects aim at developing and bringing to market ICT solutions in the AAL domain. Proposals in AAL Call 2020 are expected to be user-driven through co-creation and address a specified challenge. The Call stresses a strong involvement of end users – especially secondary and tertiary – and other relevant stakeholders in the shaping of solutions and in creating respective markets. Furthermore, the route to market needs to be clearly described and aligned with the business strategies of the partners responsible for commercialisation. The proposed solutions need to respond to different requirements, depending on the type of market.

Small Collaborative Projects

Main features and objectives

This type of instrument will be available in the 2020 Call. Small collaborative projects have a duration of minimum 6 months and maximum 9 months, a maximum co-funding budget of €300.000 and leaner application and reporting procedures. The main objective of the small collaborative projects is the exploration of new ideas, concepts and approaches for ICT-based solutions for older adults. They should reach out to new stakeholders for inclusion in (future) development of AAL solutions, build strong collaborations with end-user organisations, support community building with new customers and create shared agendas.



“Collaborative projects” (carried out by consortia composed of at least 3 organizations from 3 different countries including an end user organization and a business partner) will remain the main funding tool for this call. This type of projects has a duration of 12 to 30 months with a maximum funding of €2.500.000.


“Small collaborative projects” have a duration of 6 to 9 months, the same central eligibility criteria as the Collaborative projects, a maximum co-funding budget of €300.000 and leaner application and reporting procedures. Discover more what the two types of projects will fund by reading the Call text.

Read the full Call text here

  • The Guide for Applicants click here
  • The Part B application template for Collaborative Projects click here
  • The Part B application template for Small Collaborative Projects click here
  • The National Eligibility Criteria  click here

Disclaimer:  Applicants should be aware that the Call text can be slightly updated during the Call publication. It is in the interest of applicants to monitor the Call webpage regularly. The updated version of Call text with the extended deadline to be added soon.

Deadline: 24/08/2020 at 17:00 hours Central European Time (CET)

With regard to collaborative projects, the following countries with a total of 20 Funding Authorities will participate in the 2020 Call:

  1. Austria
  2. Belgium (Innoviris-Brussels & Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship Agency)
  3. Canada
  4. Cyprus
  5. Hungary
  6. Italy (MoH, MIUR, Friuli Venezia Giulia Region)
  7. Luxembourg (the Ministry of the Economy, FNR)
  8. The Netherlands
  9. Norway
  10. Poland
  11. Portugal
  12. Romania
  13. Slovenia
  14. Spain (ISCIII)
  15. Switzerland
  16. Taiwan

With regard to small collaborative projects, the following countries with a total of 11 Funding Authorities will provide funding for this new tool within the 2020 Call:

  1. Austria
  2. Belgium (Innoviris-Brussels & Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship Agency)
  3. Denmark
  4. Italy (MoH, Friuli Venezia Giulia)
  5. Netherlands
  6. Norway
  7. Romania
  8. Spain (ISCIII)
  9. Taiwan

If you are interested in the past projects and their deliverables, take a look at our project database and their public deliverables!

Re-watch here the Presentations and the recorded videos of the Info Day 2020!


Kerstin Zimmermann, Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and
Technology, Welcome words

Download the presentation here

Gerda Geyer, AAL Vice-President, The AAL Programme, its achievements and the way forward

Download the presentation here

Rik Wasselink, ZONMW, Introduction to Call 2020

Download the presentation here

Panel debate with Astrid Stuckelberger and Alberto Bonetti 

Birgit Morlion, DG CNECT, Ageing well – related initiatives and projects in Horizon 2020

Download the presentation here

Lars Akkermans, CARA: a small collaborative project

Download the presentation here

Paul Panek, Toilet4Me: a small colaborative project 

Henriette Hansen, Southern Denmark, A working ecosystem – the experience of Southern Denmark 

Chin-Chun Tsai, Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan, Information for Taiwanese Applicants

Download the presentation here

AAL Info Day 2020, Call information for Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and Slovenia

Download the presentations for Austria , Switzerland, Hungary and Slovenia

Project pitches

EncourAGE by Nanno van der Laan

Download the presentation here

Electric Vehicle by Zhang Buhl Management 

Download the presentation here

QEAP pitch by Johan Girard

Download the presentation here

Got-IT by Miriam Cabrita

Download the presentation here

The Care Hub by Monica Moldovan

Download the presentation here

NATIFLIFE by Giuseppe Fabio Ursino

Download the presentation here

Humanoid Robots by Fabio Paterno

Download the presentation here

JANA by Marco Soldati

Download the presentation here

SEAFIN by Marco della Schiava

Download the presentation here

PIAP by Artur Wieczyński

Download the presentation here

Telemonitoring project by Laura Spinelli

Download the presentation here

Artificial Intelligence in Care by Dirk Jarré 

Download the presentation here

COTIDIANA by Rita Mata

Download the presentation here

iAgeGame by Rita Mata

Download the presentation here

See below pitches that did not present on the Info Day, but are interested in finding partners in the upcoming Call.

  • Helpsole: Stop Parkinson’s Caused Fever Forever 

Download the presentation here

  • Care Robots in Caring Institutions for Elderly

Download the presentation here

  • Digital Nudging and Personalized Support in Caring Communities

Download the presentation here

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