Call 2017

Integrated Package of Solutions

Packages integrating different solutions based on ICT to support active, healthy and independent living of older adults

The AAL Call 2017 is part of the Active & Assisted Living (AAL) Programme that was approved in May 2014 by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. As part of the work programme, the AAL Programme intends to launch in February 2017 a new Challenge-led Call for Proposals: “AAL packages/Integrated solutions”

The aim of this call is to support innovative, transnational and multi-disciplinary collaborative projects. The proposal must demonstrate a clear route to market and added-value for the different types of end-users. The previous AAL calls have shown impressive results culminating in effective and practical solutions. However, many solutions address only a specific need,  have not yet been integrated and incorporated into everyday life and have not been evaluated sufficiently.

Increasingly, end-users are asking for well-integrated solutions that are intuitively useful, personalised, and take the entire life span into consideration. These include informal and formal caregivers whenever relevant. In addition, end-users-especially secondary and tertiary ones such as caregivers and policy-makers have an urgent need for proven evidence about the effects and effectiveness of AAL solutions.

The focus of the 2017 call challenge of the AAL Programme is twofold:

  • The challenge lies in developing packages integrating different solutions that address the needs and wishes of end-users and add value to their lives. Since peoples’ wishes, aspirations, and needs evolve over time, packages should be designed with built-in flexibility and a variety of components in order to meet diverse individual situations and to remain attractive to end-users over time. End-users expect proposed solutions to be affordable, user-friendly, secure, and reliable. Packages should be based on existing and/or open platforms.
  • The challenge lies in extensive testing and evaluating of packages in order to provide meaningful and significant results.


Deadline: 24 May 2017, 5PM CET



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Proposal website:



Please note that the submission platform will be available shortly.

Please consult the National Eligibility Criteria document for a summary of the national eligibility criteria at page 3.

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