Call 4


ICT based solutions for Advancement of Older Persons’ Mobility (Closed)

The call aims at development of ICT-based solutions which will help older persons to sustain their optimal level of mobility for as long as possible, as well as enhance their individual sense of confidence, autonomy, competence, security and safety.

The Call addresses issues that inherently enable older people‟s mobility in terms of moving in the home and/or outside the home.

The following topical areas are in the scope of the Call:

  • Orientation and navigation
  • Assistive Technology

The AAL Joint Programme aims at innovative and financially sustainable ICT-based solutions from a market perspective, underpinned by a credible business plan, and delivered by applied research and development activities.

Successful projects are expected to target systemic solutions addressing the users‟ wishes and needs, or to provide a contribution which is meant to be integrated into a systemic solution, including some kind of supporting service.

Find more information on the topical areas which are in the scope of the Call 4 under the AAL JP in chapter on “Solutions in the scope of the Call”.

Documents and tools:

Download the call text and national eligibility criteria (pag.27)  here.

Download the proposal template (part B) for the AAL JP Call 4 here.

The overview of national eligibility criteria can be found here.

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