COM’ON addresses the perceived orientation/navigation challenges and special needs that older persons experience throughout the whole chain of travel, using public transportation.

COM’ON will exploit the assistive capability of smartphones by addressing dual-task coping issues that older persons face when managing information and navigation in public sphere. On the move interfaces will be designed to reflect the physical and mental resources of the older persons in accordance with universal design principles.

A key success parameter will be careful flawless integration and design of already existing technologies and services, guided by a deep understanding of end-users’ needs and wishes, provided by innovative ethnography, co-creation and real life tests.


The overall objective for COM’ON s to develop, test and deploy a digital platform and associated services for public transportation, which offer coping support to older persons – having mild to moderate problems with moving around. COM’ON will enhance their sense of self-efficacy through:

  • Confidence and autonomy, through specific mobility information;
  • Competence, by designing interfaces reflecting mental resources;
  • Security and safety through access to assistance.

Expected results and impact

The COM’ON platform and associated services will increase user’s experience of independence, confidence and save resources through the increased use of public transport. Family members will be able to support their relatives, and encourage them to maintain their mobility and increase their self-reliance. Help elderly to stay longer in their own homes, reducing public sector cost deriving from nursing homes etc.


Partners involved in the COM’ON project

Organization Type Country Website
Copenhagen Living Lab SME Denmark
Xtel SME Denmark
Laurea University of Applied Sciences R&D Finland
Nearparent Oy SME Finland
Enthoven Associates SME Belgium
Concept Factory SME Luxembourg
City of Luxembourg End User Luxembourg
  • Project name: Confident motion, COM’ON
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: Copenhagen Living Lab, Denmark
  • Duration: 28 Months
  • Starting Date: 01.03.2012
  • Total budget: € 2.698.711
  • Public contribution: € 1.444.665


Thomas Hammer-Jakobsen


T.: +45 2023 2205

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