Within the AAL-JP project EnterTrain, an exercise gaming platform will be developed and evaluated in cooperation with end-user, combining three core aspects of AAL: technology, end-user and interoperability. New, innovative technology for sensing relevant mobility and gaming characteristics of individuals is used to drive a personalised gaming platform. With novel 3D sensors motion of older adults is analysed, a mobility and behaviour model is learned over time and allows to assess the mobility automatically. From an end-users perspective, the increase of quality of life of end-user is the primary goal of EnterTrain, including: motivation, physical activity as well as the self-esteem of older adults. In order to ensure that the developed system is in line with the end-users needs, end-users are continuously involved throughout the project. Interoperability with existing AAL systems and services is tackled by the use of open standards and a commonly used 3D sensor.


The objective of EnterTrain is given by its name: enhancing the health and quality of life of independently living older adults by motivating them for physical Training in an Entertaining way. To enhance physical activity of older adults, exergames can be used – these are computer games which are played via body movement and thus have the inherent effect of unobtrusive physical exercise. However, there are known barriers to be overcome. Hence, what is needed is an innovation: a platform that automatically and continuously adapts to the user’s preferences, skills and mobility.

Expected results and impact

The objective of EnterTrain is to enhance the health and quality of life of older adults by motivating them for physical training, since regular physical activity has positive effects towards the own independence in life. However, many older adults are not able or find no pleasure in doing physical activities. Hence, EnterTrain is highly personalised, motivates and considers the health of the user: for the younger and/or physically fitter, playing on EnterTrain serves as preventive measure against loss of physical resources in older age, whereas it helps to maintain existing resources or even build up physical fitness in older age.


Partners involved in the EnterTrain project

Organization Type Country Website
CogVis Software und Consulting GmbH SME Austria www.cogvis.at
Vienna University of Technology, Inst. for Computer Aided Automation 183 R&D Austria www.caa.tuwien.ac.at
University of Vienna, Department of Sociology R&D Austria www.soz.univie.ac.at
Samariterbund Wien End User Austria www.samariterbund.net
SilverFit BV SME The Netherlands www.silverfit.com
Geriatrische Klinik St. Gallen R&D Switzerland www.gesundheitundalter.ch
BluePoint SME Romania www.bluepoint-it.ro
National Foundation for the Elderly End User The Netherlands www.ouderenfonds.nl
  • Project name: Entertainment by Training on a Personalized Exergame Platform
  • Website: www.entertrain-project.eu
  • Coordinator: CogVis Software und Consulting GmbH
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Starting date: 01.04.2016
  • Total budget: 3.1 M€
  • Public contribution: 2 M€


Dr. Rainer Planinc

E.: planinc@cogvis.at

T.: +43 (0)1 / 236 05 80


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