Until now, the technical solutions to support the older adults in their mobility do not address their needs, wishes and capacities. The innovation in this project consists of the development of an easily accessible and affordable platform facilitating a consistent, intuitive and personalised and contextualised set of mobility enhancement services e.g. outdoor monitoring and safety, travel planning and support, self-management and life-style. Personalisation refers to both (current) characteristics of the user (profiling) e.g. physical condition, preferences, motivation and (current) characteristics of the direct surroundings e.g. living accommodation, neighbourhood and further range of aims and actions of the user e.g. visiting family, public transport. These services should be provided in an unobtrusive way, integrated in typically used assistive technology, and/or other objects, which are daily used by the older adult (i.e. wrist watches or bikes).


The objective of Happy Walker is to develop an ICT-based solution, specifically targeted to the elderly people,  that sustain the ability of the elderly people to use different types of transportation and their mobility.

Expected results and impact

The proposed mobility oriented services will help the older adults by:

  • stimulating an active life style;
  • enhancing the outdoor safety (features such as for example drop-off detection and finding an accessible and friendly walking/driving route);
  • emergency alarming and localisation;
  • providing travel planning and support over heterogeneous transportation means;

including taking into account the direct surrounding neighbourhood, life-style and self-management, combined with preparation and supervision functions for involved formal and informal caregivers and optimising the user-friendliness and usefulness by filtering out useful information.


Partners involved in the HappyWalker project

Organization Type Country Website
TNO R&D The Netherlands www.tno.nl
Vilans R&D The Netherlands www.vilans.nl
Verhaert SME Belgium www.verhaert.com
Zorgpalet End User The Netherlands www.zorgpaletbaarnsoest.nl
Linkcare SME Spain www.linkcarehs.es
Eljakim SME The Netherlands www.eljakim.nl
I+ SME Italy www.i-pui.it
CIBEK SME Germany www.cibek.de
UUAS/HU R&D The Netherlands www.hu.nl
Vision SME Spain www.visionlocalizacion.com
  • Project name: Happy Walker
  • Website: www.happyassistedliving.com
  • Coordinator: TNO, The Netherlands
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Starting Date:  01.09.2012
  • Total budget: € 3.028.000
  • Public contribution€ 2.063.000


Yolanda Rieter-Barrell, (TNO)

E.: Yolanda.rieter@tno.nl

T.: +31 (0)88 866 11 02

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