IDEABLE is a Spanish SME specialized in eldercare market and has already started developing games for cognitive stimulation. We want to test that these therapies, especially those related to Virtual Reality may be really powerful for working with elderly users. What we want to do in this small collaborative project is:

 Tune some existing games and activities for elderly users.
 Test it with those end users during most of the VirtuAAL project.
 Analyse if there is a possible impact on cognitive stimulation.
 Analyse if these technologies may be successful in this area.

And for that, we have decided to use AR & VR technologies and adapt games that may be tested in 2 different countries in Europe to decide if these technologies impact in cognitive stimulation and motivation and analyse the commercial viability of creating a sector for gaming for the elderly using VR & AR for nursing homes and cognitive stimulation centers.


The goal of this project is to develop immersive serious games to increase motivation in elderly patients in nursing homes or daily centers and, above all, test the using of these technologies (more mature and affordable nowadays) in combating cognitive impairment. We will specially focus on some mental capacities that could be trained and measures, such as attention or executive functions. And we would analyse both impact in cognitive status but also the feedback of those elderly users to conclude if there’s a sustainable business model behind VR & AR related to therapies against cognitive impairment.

Expected results and impact

  • For patients in nursing homes, it would offer new and attractive ways to perform cognitive stimulation therapies (VR and AR), involving different types of end users in two different countries, so we could analyse even how the cultural differences impact in the results of the tests.
  • We would also validate the benefits for those end-user organisations, in terms of positive changes in the state of their patients, but also in the impact in their own processes and workers and the marketing it could give them.
  • The project will also try to analyse the existence of a potential new market for cognitive stimulation across Europe.


Partners involved in the project

Organization Type Country Website
Ideable Solutions S.L. SME Spain
Ana Aslan International Foundation End User Romania
Center for Assisted Living Technology, Health and Care End User Denmark
University of Deusto, eVIDA R&D Spain
  • Project name: Virtual and Augmented reality for combating cognitive – VirtuAAL
  • Coordinator: Ideable Solutions, SL
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Starting date: 05/2019
  • Total budget:  € 357.650,00
  • Public contribution: € 273.072,50


Iñaki Bartolomé



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