WisdomOfAge will develop a digital application that takes advantage of the experience and background of people over 50 years old, enabling them to share their knowledge and solve specific problems for industrial companies. This collaboration includes on-line courses, training, projects management and other specific topics requested by companies. The platform end-users are grouped into two large categories: the seniors acting as mentors or teachers and the industrial companies acting as beneficiaries or students. As WisdomOfAge solves problems of active industrial partners they ensure the sustainability of the platform which is free to use for all the senior mentors. WisdomOfAge is based on the concept of e-learning platforms technology extending it towards a creative and open environment where ideas are shared and problems are solved. The benefits for the senior mentors cover multiple areas: financial support, active ageing, social integration and societal development through their experience.


WisdomOfAge supports the elderly people to remain active and contribute towards the society with their most important and unique skill: experience. Thus, WisdomOfAge creates a unique and modern, innovative, flexible and open digital platform with a user interface oriented towards the needs and skills of senior people, that will connect them to industrial companies that require their specific knowledge and skill. Thus, continuing the trend from other industries WisdomOfAge will provide on-line and on-time customer-oriented support connecting the seniors with companies in a digital partnership.

Expected results and impact:

After WisdomOfAge implementation, Digital Twin, as the commercial partner, expects to improve the life of at least 100 senior engineers only in the first year after the WisdomOfAge market launch, an event expected to happen before the end of the project (month 24).  They will offer their services towards young/inexperienced engineers from at least 40 industrial companies, many already customers of Digital Twin. Through this, WisdomOfAge will contribute to the mentors’ improved social inclusion, a sense of accomplishment and usefulness, financial independence and an active mental state.

Project partners

Partners involved in the project

Organization Type Country Website
Digital Twin SRL SME Romania www.digitaltwin.ro/en/
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca R&D Romania www.utcluj.ro/en/
Yumytech SME Switzerland www.yumytech.com/
arx iT SME Switzerland www.arxit.com/en/
Institute for Ageing Research End User Switzerland www.ost.ch/en
Happy Aging (In4Care vzw) End User Belgium www.in4care.be/happy-aging
  • Project name: A Seniors Digital Platform for Knowledge Transfer towards Industrial Companies  (WisdomOfAge)
  • Website: https://wisdomofage.eu
  • Coordinator: Digital Twin SRL
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Starting Date: 01.05.2021.
  • Total budget: € 2 400 000
  • Public contribution: € 1 400 000


Eng. Laurentiu Nae, PhD.

E.: laurentiu.nae@digitaltwin.ro

T.: +4 0726785368

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