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Interested in knowing what challenges AAL is addressing in the field of healthy and independent ageing? Keep track of the projects annual calls for proposals.

Ageing Well : How AAL is making this a reality

Every year the AAL Programme place a call for proposals on challenges in the healthy ageing domain, and you can find all the information the previous, published calls, most recent calls and how to get involved over on AAL Calls

Eleven calls for proposals have been launched by the AAL Programme since the beginning of the project in 2008, and each have addressed another challenge that is faced by the ageing population. Launched annually around February and March, the call is initially presented at an Info Day (link to Info Days page) organised by the AAL Association in Brussels.

Info Days are dedicated events where interested parties, industry and healthy ageing projects can learn about the contents of each call’s theme, how to apply following AAL guidelines and the networking opportunities available to meet up with potential partners and organisations already involved in the AAL ecosystem.

Be sure to keep visiting the AAL website to learn about the upcoming opportunities for projects 

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