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The 2PCS Personal Protection and Caring System is a wearable technology designed to tackle the underlying causes of immobility. Poised and ready for the market, 2PCS demonstrates the importance of involving researchers and developers beyond the project phase



2PCS Solutions GmbH was born from the 2PCS project to bring its innovation to the market. Coordinator Felix Piazolo explains how the team achieved this: “Two thirds of the company are owned by the project’s researchers and developers. They came up with the product, which is very important. It means they’re a lot more enthusiastic and always working to bring it to the market.” And the market is secondary end-users like Red Cross and operators of nursing homes. Following a purely B2B model, it has been crucial for the 2PCS project to maintain a close involvement with professional care organisations throughout.

Main Contact

Coordinator: Felix Piazolo
Tel: 0043-650-7429656
Email: Felix.Piazolo@2pcssolutions.com
Web: www.2pcs.eu

This is how we help projects delivering social innovation!

We, at the AAL Joint Programme, are seriously committed in helping our projects to go to market so that they can deliver for the good of individuals, society and economy. This is social Innovation.

What they say about us

“The AAL2Business is very helpful in getting your business model in line and also enabling contact with potential investors”

Felix Piazolo, Coordinator of the project

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