ICT for ageing well.



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  • Submitted proposals in AAL Call 2017: preliminary outcomes!

    The AAL Call 2017 entitled “AAL packages/integrated solutions: Packages integrating different solutions based on ICT to support active, healthy and independent living of older adults,” closed on May 24th, 2017   This challenge focused on turning impressive ideas into AAL projects that can provide practical, integrated solutions to challenges in people’s everyday lives. It is recognised that t…

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  • New Toolkit for AAL Projects

    New toolkit released to support AAL projects to strengthen their Business Model!   The AAL Programme has recently published the  “AAL project Business Model development toolkit”. The toolkit, which is available here, is intended to support the project participants in all the phase of the project lifecycle, guiding them through the “dos and don’ts”  when designing, testing and validating their…

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  • Inside the Forum

    Does the Robot Care? Perspectives on the Acceptance of Social Robots in Healthcare   There are several examples of innovative robots in care. However, their actual use in the domains medical care and care for the elderly is scarce. Is this still due to technological problems – or do humans simply prefer care from fellow humans? What if these care robots were social robots, able to recognize a…

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