ICT for ageing well.

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  • Call 2015

    Pre-announcement Call 2015

    The AAL Programme is glad to pre announce the text for the 2015 Call for proposals:  ”Living active and independently at home” “The contribution of ICT/technologies to integrated solutions for supporting active and independent living of older adults in their homes”   It is anticipated that the call will be launched end February 2015, with a proposal submission deadline end May 2015. All the i…

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  • working with computer

    Innovation Award

    The University of Ghent is looking for innovative projects in the broad domain of healthcare applications to enter an award competition organised by the PRoF chair, held by prof. dr. R. Peleman. The laureates of this competition will be invited for the award ceremony chaired by former President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy, during an international symposium in Ghent.     The…

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  • AAL JP continuation

    launch your start-up for ageing

    The contest Ageing population is one of the greatest challenges facing society this century. The increasing numbers of elder persons raises various questions about the way society can take care of them in an economical sustainable way. With a dense network of hospitals and rest homes, and one of the upcoming topics in the region being e-health, the Brussels-Capital-Region has a role to play in the…

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  • market observatory


    Bridging the gap to market   This study has been organized  with the ultimate goal to enhance market orientation of the AAL projects and to contribute to bridge the gap between research, design and innovation (R&D&I), as well as successful commercialization of new solutions. To do so the AAL Association to set up a Market Observatory on AAL providing market intelligence support on AAL…

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