ICT for ageing well.

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  • Proceedings

    New Proceedings online

    AAL Forum 2013, Norrköping, Sweden   The primary keyword chosen for AAL Forum 2013 was ”Impact” – How to make real impact with new solutions and learn from those who had experience from applications in real environments. It is now a widespread perception in the AAL Community that the main obstacles are related to market adoption and scaling up. Impact may mean increased autonomy for older adu…

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  • DSC_5157

    Forum 2014: a postcard

    Our annual event is already history and it is time to step back and look at what  the Forum was in Bucharest. With more than 530 participants, this edition was the first one to be hosted in an eastern country. Under the title “Broader, Bigger, Better – AAL solutions for Europe”,  the conference was  co-organized by the Ambient Assisted Living Association, responsible for the Active and Assisted Li…

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  • Call 2015

    Pre-announcement of the AAL Programme Call 2015

    The AAL Programme is glad to pre announce the text for the 2015 Call for proposals:  ”Living active and independently at home” “The contribution of ICT/technologies to integrated solutions for supporting active and independent living of older adults in their homes”   It is anticipated that the call will be launched end February 2015, with a proposal submission deadline end May 2015. Download…

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