30 minutes daily exercise alleviates the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity etc., thus increasing the chance of a longer life with a higher quality of life. However, 30 minutes daily exercise can be difficult to realize for the elderly who is often associated with a physically inactive lifestyle. The project examines 4Mvideo E-sport cycling for exercise at home. The system requires only little space and is set-up using a standard exercise bike or pedal trainer, a wireless cadence sensor and a tablet computer. The sensor sends wireless information about pedal activity to the 4Mvideo-app on the tablet playing a user selected cycling video. The system can operate without an internet connection and can be fitted into a normal living room. As such the system is simple to use and let the user keep track of own exercise records. Three University hospitals will conduct clinical tests, driving end user insights for system improvements, while examining feasibility and effect on physical condition and Quality of Life in elderly citizens.


The purpose of the 4ME project is to initiate activities for Pan-European market deployment of the 4Mvideo E-sport cycling platform for seniors – a reminiscence and video based motivational system for exercising at home. The scope is three-fold: 1) provide scientific validation of the positive effect of using the 4Mvideo system at home; 2) acquire end user insights and establish business models and eco-systems for deployment in selected European countries and 3) build communities and engage in co-creation processes preparing for version 2.0 development of the system and Pan-European business model.

Expected Results and Impact:

The 4Mvideo platform contributes to the socio-economic challenge and as such has an important economic impact. The product strengthens the users physical condition and ties to their social network (personal bicycle videos being made by / with family and others as well as the social element of the solution, enabling remote training with others). Thus, the need for home care services are expected to be reduced or postponed. At the end of the project 4Mvideo will be commercially available in Spain, Norway and Denmark; 3 hospitals, 50+ end users and families will have tested the solution and provided input to version 2.0.

Project partners

Partners involved in the project

Organization Type Country Website
4Mvideo SME Denmark www.4mvideo.com
Sens Innovation R&D Denmark www.sens.dk
University Hospital of Copenhagen End Users Denmark www.regionsjaelland.dk/sundhed
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona End Users Spain https://inc.uab.cat
University Hospital Sagrat Cor End Users Spain www.hospitalarias.es
Stavanger University Hospital End Users Norway www.helse-stavanger.no/en
  • Project name: 4Mvideo E-sport cycling at home for rehabilitation and daily exercise (4ME)
  • Coordinator: 4mvideo
  • Website: https://4mvideo.dk/
  • Duration: 9 months
  • Starting Date:
  • Total budget: € 380,000
  • Public contribution:


Erik Johannsen

E.: ej@4mvideo.dk

T.: +45 2283 6040

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