End-users are involved in several phases of the project, including focus groups, pilots and an effectiveness study. Three groups of end users are used: elderly clients, care professionals and care researchers. User requirements are based on info from these groups and based on state of the art scientific literature.  Based on this info a behavioural and motivational enrichment program  is designed. Personal virtual coaches are created who help them to find the right balance between activity and rest throughout each day. A sensor platform is built and integrated to the virtual coach system platform. The coach is connected to several bio-sensors including activity sensors, blobo’s, blood pressure-  and weight sensors for interaction and adaptive feedback.  This daily organisational structure is designed by a care program manager and researchers through a simple interface to create and arrange events for the client. Using this interface, the program manager can set the speech, language, and emotional character of the virtual coaches.


A²E² aims at breaking sedentary life styles though ambient virtual coaching motivating elderly before, during and after daily activities.  The A²E²  ambient virtual coach, which is connected through 4 bio sensors, can interact with the elderly users on a moment to moment basis and provide adaptive feedback based on sensor info and users’ answers to the virtual coach questions. Daily events can be created and adaptively selected using a content event editor and placed in a daily task structure which ranges from morning till evening.

Expected results and impact

Through application of state of the art motivation theory in ICT sustained use is expected to lead in sustained life style change moving beyond the initial and into the habitual. This is expected to lead to increased autonomy and overall health and well being. A digital coach is there to support the desired lifestyle of the elderly user and will become a personal friend for the elderly. An important aspect of the business model is the licensing of validated events that will be tailored to the needs and requirements of specific groups or individuals in the European elderly generation.


Partners involved in the A²E² project

Organization Type Country Website
VUA University Amsterdam R&D Netherlands Netherlands
Hospital IT AS SME Norway www.hospitaltiy.no
Mawell SME Finland www.mawell.fi
AMSTA End User Netherlands www.amsta.nl
VTT SME Finland www.vtt.fi
  • Project name: Adaptive Ambient Empowerment for the Elderly
  • Website: www.a2e2.eu
  • Coordinator: Dr. Peter H.M.P. Roelofsma, VUA University Amsterdam
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Starting Date: 01.05.2009
  • Total budget: € 3.074.485,72
  • Public contribution: € 2.024.721,72


Dr. Peter H.M.P. Roelofsma

E.: p.h.m.p.roelofsma@vu.nl

T.: 00 6 55 3939 60

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