Oral hygiene is a daily activity performed by all people. Hence, one can envision a time when this activity can be exploited to infer a wealth of information about the person performing it. In the vision of dental care manufacturers, smart toothbrushes of the future will be able to gather information about the general health of the user and wellbeing. However, until this vision becomes reality, we are proposing to develop the ACESO platform which combines, in an intelligent manner, oral hygiene information with body health and activity parameters.  The main functionalities of ACESO are i) monitoring physical health parameters and oral hygiene; ii) reminders for users; iii) maintaining oral care through personalized brushing experience and iv) assessment tools for caregivers. The target market is composed of elderly and professional caregivers (doctors, dentists, hygienists).  Our patient-centric approach brings clear benefits for the elderly who will become actively involved in maintaining their health.


ACESO is employing a co-creative approach to realize an integrated health and oral-care platform in which intelligent devices use data analytics for adaptable health and wellbeing. ACESO will monitor parameters related to physical health (blood pressure, glucose, hearth rate, oxygen saturation, etc), activity, sleep and oral hygiene in an integrative manner which will provide primary users with personalized and adaptive feedback extracted by an underlying artificial intelligence engine. A patient centric approach that actively involves users in maintaining their health will bring clear benefits for elderly and caregivers.

Expected Results and Impact:

ACESO will develop an integrated health and oral-care platform tested and validate by users in Poland, Hungary and Slovenia. Remote digital assessment tools for professionals will enable them to reach patients even in remote areas and to optimize their care interventions by coaching their patients and helping them to form better routines. By reaching the market in 1-2 years after project completion, ACESO aims to reduce healthcare costs by optimizing interventions and prevention and to reduce travel and waiting times for both patients and professionals.


Partners involved in the project

Organization Type Country Website
Centrul IT Pentru Stiinta Si Tehnologie SME Romania
Saphyrion Sagl SME Switzerland
LS Dintimei SRL End-User Romania
Docmatic sp. z o.o SME Poland
MKS Electronic Systems LTD End-User Slovenia
Jagiellonian University Medical College End-User Poland
Custwell LTD SME Hungary
  • Project name: Patient centric solution for smart and sustainable healthcare (ACESO)
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: Centrul IT pentru Stiinta si Tehnologie
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Starting date: 01.05.2020.
  • Total budget: € 2,705,088
  • Public contribution:  € 1,872,930


Oana Cramariuc


T.: +40 722592570


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