The Active@Work project addresses the development and deployment of a web based solution, centred at helping senior workers in their roles within the organisation, providing services to streamline their integration and responsibilities .Advanced wearable multi-sensors will be provided  to monitor  each individual health status, the project will study how the compliance of monitoring with (advanced) wearable devices can be improved in order to generate value information about the health status of the user in the working environment. To assure that the Active@Work prototype addresses market needs, end-users will be involved since an early stage of the project execution, overcoming some of the limitations of existing market solution. The two pilots to be deployed will cover heterogeneous organisational processes on various working environments (local and mobile). To achieve that, an extensive and diverse range of users will be included in order to approach the solution to the end-users real needs.


The Active@Work project will result in a Virtual Assistant tool able to assist adult workers, in particular those close to retirement age, to continue executing their daily work or to continue active despite their age. It will be a multi-modal solution (e.g., PC, tablets or smartphones), capable of interacting with the end-user in a very natural and personalised way. The solution will incorporate an “intelligent agent” that will assist the user at accomplishing his/her work without compromising health and preventing any other risk derived from fatigue or stress at work.

Expected results and impact

(1) The capability of detecting and monitor a set of bio-parameters through the use of multi-sensor wearable devices (2) A cognitive system capable of interpreting the conditions of the work environment and a catalogue of services to assist them in their daily work (3)  State-of-the-art collaborative platform for interactions and share of experiences between older and younger employees .(4) Senior workers will  exercise and raise their cognitive skills or recover their skill levels within a training environment. (5) The solution will be tested in two distinct pilots first pilot being deployed under the orientation of a medical clinic the second pilot in a multinational consulting company


Partners involved in the Active@Work project

Organization Type Country Website
ATOS Large Industry SPAIN
Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. R&D GERMANY
University of St. Gallen R&D SWITZERLAND
Multisector Norte – Innovation Consulting , Lda. SME PORTUGAL
BodyTel Europe GmbH SME GERMANY
Beltz Medical Klinik GmbH SME GERMANY
  • Project name: Active Older Adults@Workplace
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: ATOS
  • Duration: 30 Months
  • Starting Date: 01.06.2014
  • Total budget: € 3.024.127
  • Public contribution: € 1.876.727


Blanca Jordan


Rosana Valle Soriano


T.: +34625599312

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