ActGo-Gate is a Python-based web-application linked to open source solutions for alternative currencies and commercial ERP systems, complemented by mobile apps to provide anytime/anyplace access. Three occupational modules support different forms of social participation by older people.

  • The “Serve the community” module enables customers to participate by offering their informal support to other community members (informal volunteering work).
  • The “Flexible occupation” module brings together local service providers with golden workers and active retirees, who want to engage in part-time jobs and occupations.
  • The “Get involved with organisations” module aims to bring together people for social projects, e.g. as part of corporate volunteering programs.

These modules will be run in three different locations, an urban setting in Northern Germany, a rural setting in Southern Germany, and a small town setting in Switzerland.


The project’s goal is to create an ICT based marketplace supporting entrepreneurship, self-fulfilment and social participation for golden workers and active retirees. The project aims to create a transferable model as gate for different occupation modules. The model builds on local social marketplaces (existing local communities or social network sites) that serve as a basis and starting point for developing three occupational modules: “Serve the community”, “Flexible occupation”, and “Get involved with organisations”, each to start off in one of the three pilot regions.

Expected results and impact

  • ActGo-Gate provides a platform for self-determined, flexible participation in different contexts (paid and unpaid), leveraging self-entrepreneurship and social participation of golden workers and active retirees.
  • Integrated marketplace with intelligent matching of supply and demand allows situational and individual management of occupation with little time and effort
  • Mobile applications (with a focus on easy-to use interaction concepts like NFC) allow flexible, anytime/anyplace and easy to use access to the platform.


Partners involved in the ActGo-Gate project

Organization Type Country Website
University of St. Gallen R&D Switzerland
Mobanode Ltd. SME Ireland
Wroclaw University of Economics – Institute of Business Informatics R&D Poland
Entwicklungszentrum Gut altwerden GmbH End User Germany
Business Engineering Institute St. Gallen AG SME Switzerland
Alster Service Center GmbH End User Germany
Benevol End User Switzerland
  • Project name: Active Retiree and Golden Workers Gate (ActGo-Gate)
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: University of St. Gallen, Institute of Information Management
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Starting Date: 01.10.2014
  • Total budget: € 3.030.000
  • Public contribution: € 1.610.000


Dr. Philipp Menschner


T.: +41 71 224 3323


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