One focus of the project lies on questions of social acceptance of robot systems in general and in specific within the named user groups.

The consortium aims at integrating a commercial pilot that includes all state-of-the-art communication media.

On top of the integration of existing solutions, three novelties will be introduced:

  • a novel cognitive user interface concept is introduced to ensure a good usability;
  • a proactive behaviour of the robot platform will ensure that the user stays in contact with his surroundings and gets mentally stimulated;
  • the third unique selling point is a Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) that will be included in order to train and preserve the mental functions of the user.


The objective of the project Adaptable Ambient LIving ASsistant (ALIAS) is the product development of a mobile robot system that interacts with elderly users, monitors and provides cognitive assistance in daily life, and promotes social inclusion by creating connections to people and events in the wider world. The system is designed for people living alone at home or in care facilities such as nursing or elderly care homes. ALIAS is embodied by a mobile robot platform with the capacity to monitor,interact with and access information from on-line services, without manipulation capabilities.

Expected results and impact

  • Easy-to-use and fault tolerant human-machine interface on mobile robot platform
  • Integration framework on the basis of mobile platform approved by German Technical Inspection Agencies (TÜV) and meeting European Directives
  • Innovative web services for elderly to discover new contacts and to sustain meaningful online relationships;
  • Strong user-group inclusion through all design and development phases
  • High market potential assured by 3 business partners in the consortium


Partners involved in the ALIAS project

Organization Type Country Website
Technische Universität München R&D Germany
Technische Universität Ilmenau R&D Germany
MetraLabs GmbH SME Germany
Cognesys GmbH SME Germany
Eurecom R&D France
G-tec medical engineering GmbH SME Austria
Fraunhofer IDMT R&D Germany
pme Familien Service GmbH End User Germany
Youse GmbH SME Germany
  • Project name: The Adaptable Ambient Living Assistant
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Wallhoff, Assistive Technologien, Germany
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Starting Date: 01.07.2010
  • Total budget: € 4.022.075
  • Public contribution: € 2.529.165


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Wallhoff

E.: and

T.: 0441/7708 – 3738

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