Recently the beneficial psychological and physiological effects of certain aromas, used in combination with light therapy, have been demonstrated scientifically and shown to be robust and reproducible. Based upon this evidence the objective of this project is to create an affordable solution of high quality and with a high degree of end-user acceptance and product-market fit. The device will use the latest commercially relevant technologies within precise light and aroma release and digital wellness in combination with the project’s own “secret sauce”. Testing of various end-user-oriented aspects of the prototype device will be carried out on different types of +65 age end-users in Belgium, Denmark, Spain, and Taiwan. The testing and technical characterisation of the prototypes will be done using professional measurement equipment in-house and externally. All collected data, including biometric data collected using state-of-the-art methods and technology, will be used to improve the performance of the solution.


The project will produce prototypes of a simple, wearable device, ALTO, that improves the wellbeing – both mental and physical – for users in the +65-year age segment. Restlessness, difficulties to sleep and a lack of energy are all prevalent feelings in the ageing population. The developed solution builds on proven, carefully researched benefits of the combination of light and aroma stimulation to increase the quality of life amongst its users and to positively influence relevant biomarkers. The objective of the project is to validate the interest for the concept/device in different markets and sales channels.

Expected results and impact

The expected project result is a validated concept with a tested prototype, and with the potential to be industrialised, approved for sales in Europe and commercialised. The solution can potentially add value to for a multitude of end-users and for different use cases related to the wellbeing of the +65 years old. It is estimated that the product can be introduced in the first market within 6 months of the completion of the project, and ultimately be easily available (OTC) in developed markets globally and by that define a new niche category within the self-care market: “personal space air/light enhancement”.


Partners involved in the project

Organization Type Country Website
Heveas SME Denmark
Achilles SME Belgium
Fundesalud End Users Spain
National Cheng Kung University R&D Taiwan
  • Project name: Aroma Light Therapy Organiser (ALTO)
  • Coordinator: Heveas ApS
  • Duration: 9 months
  • Starting Date: 03/2021
  • Total budget: € 282,305
  • Public contribution: € 202,305


Søren Jensen


T:+45 3699 1364

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