AXO-SUITThe AXO-SUIT is to comprehensively supplement the strength of elderly persons with feasible exoskeletons in undertaking volunteer work, which will be achieved through six workpackages: WP1(end user) to get close involvement of the end-users throughout the AXO-SUIT to determine the requirements, and final testing to determine user satisfaction, WP2 (Lower body exoskeleton) to maintain elders mobility, WP3 ( Upper-body exoskeleton) to supplement their physical abilities of holding, grasping, pushing or pulling involved for performing light-duty jobs, WP4 ( System integration) to integrate all systems and test them in labs, WP5 (commercialisation) to develop and test potential AXO-SUIT products in the targeted countries (Belgium, Denmark, and Sweden), Europe and Beyond, and to develop business plans and create opportunities for further products, WP6 (Project management) for overall work plan management and administration, finance, reporting, quality assurance, etc.


The project brings together 3 universities and 5 companies active and experienced in R&D of assistive devices to specify the full-body personal mobility, reaching, and grasping requirements of elderly persons allowing them to continue managing their daily activities related to voluntary occupation (maintaining gardens or carrying groceries of more needy people) , as well as participating in local social activities while preserving their health and providing motivation to remain active and independent. Basic products comprising upper-, lower- and full-body assistive exoskeletons will be designed, developed, and validated.

Expected results and impact

AXOThe AXO-SUIT integrates recent advances in assistive technology to study and design exoskeletons and to meet the challenges in helping elderly workers. The results will include novel exoskeletons consisting of modules to allow integration to realise prototype upper-, lower- and full-body assistive suits. They will comprehensively supplement the strength of elderly persons with effective and affordable exoskeletons and improve directly their quality of life. The exoskeletons could also be extended to more aged persons, weak or disabled adults, or elder employees as their needs are similar.


Partners involved in the AXO-SUIT project

Organization Type Country Website
Aalborg University End User Denmark
University of Gävle End User Sweden
University of Limerick R&D Ireland
Welldana A/S End User Denmark
Bioservo Technologies AB Large Industry Sweden
MTD Precision Engineering Ltd SME Ireland
COMmeto bvba SME Belgium
Hjälpmedelsteknik Sverige End user Sweden
  • Project name: Assistive exoskeleton suitable for elderly persons / AXO-SUIT
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: Aalborg University, Denmark
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Starting Date: 01.10.2014
  • Total budget: € 2.788.762
  • Public contribution: € 1.641.470


Shaoping Bai


T.: +45-99409291


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