We will create a solution that enables various application partners like museums, exhibitors, tourism agencies and municipalities to create and share cultural experiences with older adults. We will use existing technologies, provided by project partners, to guarantee accessibility for certain user groups, e.g., hearing or visual impaired persons. It is planned to develop and evaluate three service delivery models (SDM) covering different usage scenarios: While a mix of analogue and digital artefacts combined as the delivery models “The Bag” and “The Box” can be explored in interactive group settings, a digital solution providing interactive guided tours through museums and exhibitions will be delivered by “The Screen”. The unique selling proposition of the project lies in providing a set of tools and instructions to create cultural experiences for older adults in various contexts outside cultural institutions like museums


So far, older adults are often excluded from cultural experiences located inside art-related institutions for various reasons, for example because of immobility caused by individual (e.g. physical impairments, remote residences, need of care) or societal (e.g. lockdown measures) reasons. Hence, the project BeauCoup aims at creating a solution to let older adults explore and interact with cultural heritage outside existing institutional contexts (i.e. museums).

Expected Results and Impact:

  • We will create three service delivery models (see description above)
  • We will evaluate our solution in four European countries
  • We plan to have a market-ready product within one year after project end
  • It is planned, that our main business partner NOUS will include the BeauCoup solution in its business portfolio
  • We have a strong focus on accessibility, so our solution will be barrier-free
  • We target an acceptance rate of 75% within the target group


Partners involved in the project

Organization Type Country Website
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology R&D Austria
NOUS SME Austria
University of Siena R&D Italy
Feelif SME Slovenia
VRVis R&D Austria
Fondazione Musei Senesi SME Italy
Hilfsgemeinschaft SME Italy
terzStiftung SME Switzerland
Sign Time SME Austria
Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa SME Portugal
  • Project name: BeauCoup
  • Coordinator: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (Austria)
  • Website:
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Starting Date: 04/2022
  • Total budget: € 1 500 000
  • Public contribution: € 970 000


Georg Regal


T.: +43 50550-4539

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