ICT for ageing well.



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Technological breakthrough developments will consists in the platform which will be developed as the central experience centre and data collection hub in the project. Through serious gaming integrated in the Virtual environment we will ensure monitoring and improving/maintaining cognitive status. Brain@Home allows an ongoing monitoring of cognitive training performances for prevention and early detection of cognitive decline that could intercept in a prodromal phase that arise of new clinical patterns. The participation is not limited to simply testing, but also includes scientific RC Trial, evaluation of outcomes with international validated measurements, impacted publications and definition of relevant business model and Target Product Profile. All aspects of the user interface, and all issues related to data security, privacy, and ethics’ issues are being investigated and afforded. The project will be tested, validated, and where needed adapt the platform following testing by European living labs outside of the project consortium.


Brain@home focuses on providing solutions for healthy ageing populations with the main objective of improving their quality of life (QoL), particularly for those persons whose frailty and social conditions may influence their independence in coping with everyday tasks. In order to accomplish this main objective, the consortium will develop a platform for brain-training activities, for social-powered participation and engagement in virtual tour and serious games training activities, ecological virtual environments engaging activities designed with neuropsychologists and clinicians.

Expected results and impact:

Design the IT system definition according to the users’ needs and in time according to the project calendar. Definition of functionalities, development and test according to the defined project plan. The scientific approach and the study design reflect the purpose of the research. Involvement of the end-users in each developmental phase, to ensure system acceptance, usability and exploitability. Business and cooperation agreements with at least 2 types of entities, if possible embracing at least 5 EU countries as well as efficient dissemination to stakeholders. Proper approach to the market and end-user needs.

Casa di Cura del Policlinico (CCP)End-userItaly
MediaHospital srlSMEItaly
Pannon Business Network AssociationEnd UserHungary
University of BucharestR&DRomania

Coordinator: SIVECO

Duration: 30 Months

Starting Date: 02 June 2016

Total budget: 1,379,515.00 €

Public contribution: 849,184.00 €


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