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In The CapMouse project the essential Research & Development focuses on the capacitive sensors and the interface for PC/Mac and Android, i.e. a mobile, smart device. The Cap Mouse will connect with a cable and USB. A Headset is prepared, by Lots Design, for one sensor arm with 5 sensors that connect via PC to UART to I2C to a sensor plate – a series of highly innovative technical development steps that are executed in cooperation with Brusell Dental, HMC International. The end-users have been involved from the beginning of the Cap Mouse project. The iterative testing was finished in 2012, conducted by Lots Design and PRO. At the mid-term review, in December 2010, a 6 Months extension of the project was granted.


Identifying the end-user and finding out which requirements it has on our CapMouse human interface technology of Brusell Dental connecting to PC/Mac and Android mobile devices. The most demanding group of end-users is probably persons suffering from high spinal injuries with this group setting the demands for the development work of the carrier. The product will be modular in the sense that the sensor arm and head will be adapted to fit different kinds of carriers, for example headset, ear cap (like a hearing aid) or glasses. The primary use of the Cap Mouse will be to control PC/Mac/Android devices as an alternative to eye tracking and the like, where today, time scanning is used to confirm a choice.


Expected results and impact:

The Capmouse project will result in a CapMouse (product) interface (headset) for elderly/elderly disabled to offer tongue controlled keyboard/mouse functionality via standard USB connection, over Windows OS applications and Android applications. The project delivers a proof of concept on how a head mounted capacitive sensor controlled by the tongue can be used as an input for a human machine interface. The main target group is elderly/elderly disabled persons. The concept will include a prototype with a multi-sensor headset and a hardwired hardware interface based on HID/USB.



Brussel Communication AS.SME, R&
HMC InternationalSME, R&D

Coordinator: Brussel Dental

Duration: 36 Months

Starting Date: 15 June 2009

Total budget: € 1.131.110

Public contribution: € 540 000


Tomas Brusell,
CortAdelersgate 18, 3612