The  technological approach of CarerSupport will emphasise the integration and use of an ICT based platform that will provide the following services: (a) Management of courses, training materials and programmes, (b) Support for asynchronous interactions as part of training programmes (c) Support for synchronous interactions, as part of synchronous e-learning services and on-line tele-consultation services (including handling of emergencies), (d) Support for socially-aware collaboration and interaction services, CarerSupport platform will be integrated on top of popular open source platforms:  Moodle, BigBlueButton, LifeRay. All the consortium partners will be involved in the piloting of services; the number of end users that are estimated to be recruited and involved in the project’s pilots for each one of the services and across the pilot sites is ≥ 370 for Training Programmes, ≥ 110 for Tele-Consultation Services, ≥ 140 for Psychological Support Services, ≥ 380 for Collaboration Services. Total number of end users ≥ 1000.


CarerSupport will integrate, deploy and test an integrated ICT platform enabling the participation and collaboration of informal carers, psychologists and health professionals towards facilitating the training, learning, orientation, tele-consulting and psychological support of the carers. Based on this platform, the project will deploy and offer a wide range of services to informal carers including: Training, learning and orientation programmes; Psychological support services aiming at alleviating the stress of informal carers; Collaboration and tele-consulting services between formal and informal carers.

Expected results and impact

CarerSupport platform and services aim to improve the informal carers’ performance, so boosting the quality of provided care, while alleviating costs associated with the support of the elderly and vulnerable individuals. The alleviation of such costs will have a positive impact on both family and governmental budgets. Overall, CarerSupport will invert the loop of current support services for informal carers on the basis of a technology-driven and more integrated approach, that eases the participation of all stakeholders (health care organisations, individual formal and informal carers’, care service providers, etc.).


Partners involved in the CarerSupport project

Organization Type Country Website
Maggioli Spa – CEDAF Division Large Industry Italy
Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Engineering & Architecture, CEESAR- iHomeLab R&D Switzerland
BluePoint Consulting SME Romania
Universitetet i Oslo End User Norway
Ana Aslan International Foundation End User Romania
soultank AG SME Switzerland
Kommunesamarbeidet i Vestfold v/ Nøtterøy Kommune End User Norway
Oslo Kommune End User Norway
  • Project name: Integrated Platform for Informal Carers’ Training, Tele-consulting and Collaboration
  • Website:
  • Coordinator Maggioli Spa
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Starting Date: 01.05.2014
  • Total budget € 2.309.597
  • Public contribution:€ 1.294.642 (national)



Paolo Mattarelli  


T.: +390543727014

Damiano De Rosa


T.: +32493061872


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