The CAREUP project investigates how to implement the “inclusive health & care approach (health prevention, preservation of physical & mental health, social participation) while considering the specific needs of end-users. Most of older adults, aged 65+, people often complain of declining energy levels, even in the absence of a clinically overt disease and face difficulty in finding sense of purpose in life and difficulty with goals setting.
The CAREUP project proposes an ICT-based solution to continuously enhance the quality of life of older adults following a life-course framework and using the guidance of the ‘Positive Heath’ (PH) concept and the WHO ‘Healthy Ageing’ (HA) one.
For the secondary end-users (formal and informal caregivers), the main need that CAREUP will assess for them is the proposition of the right/global care provision model leading to an integrated care approach to person’s whole-life-course that shifts the focus from curing disease to optimizing a person’s IC across their life.


The project proposes a person-centered and integrated approach to design and implement an ICT platform to monitor the Intrinsic Capacity (IC) and Functional Ability (FA) of individuals in relation with their specific environments to: compensate for their declines due to ageing through development of a customized and personalized care plan with multicomponent interventions. The CAREUP platform is a low cost tool that requires almost no actions from the user as human interaction is combined with IT technology.

Expected results & Impact

ICT Integrated platform for empowering people and more specifically older adults to learn to take care of their own health because it fits with and is integrated with their personal life centered goals, by using a unique platform that allows them to self-monitor their Intrinsic Capacity.The uniqueness of the platform originates from its provision of a complete integrated care solution that helps older adults maximize their IC/FA in the community and to choose a healthy lifestyle, reduce stress, connect with like-minded people, opt for healthy activities, events, restaurants, holidays, etc..

Project Partners

Organization Type Country Website
ECLEXYS Sagl SME Switzerland
EURAG Österreich End User Austria
National Institute of Health and Science on Aging -IRCCS R&D Italy
Saphyrion Sagl SME Switzerland
Centrul IT pentru Stiinta si Tehnologie SME Romania
Warsaw University of Technology R&D Poland
Ana Aslan International Foundation End User Romania
Octilium Sagl SME Switzerland
Orthokey Italia S.r.l. SME Italy
  • Project name: Integrated Care Platform Based on the Monitoring of Older Individual Intrinsic Capacity for Inclusive Health (CAREUP)
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: ECLEXYS
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Starting Date01/05/2022
  • Total budget: € 2,300,000
  • Public contribution€ 1,500,000


Angelo Consoli
T.: +41763162314

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