The CCE dementia solutions comprises of connectivity between the different physical components, sensors, medication dispenser, server, Net TV, etc. The system consists in general of following hardware and software components:
  • Philips Net TV that provides a user interface for a digital corkboard
  • A digital corkboard application
  • A set of sensors that monitor the behaviour and the activities of the assisted person
  • A medication dispenser
  • A dementia diary that documents daily activities for the assisted person
  • A middleware platform that integrates all of the data

Pilots and demonstrations are currently underway in UK, Germany and Hungary to evaluate the MeMO-Net solution.


The project supports the development of an open, standardized, integrated European platform to deliver connected ICT-based assistive living solutions for the elderly. By building on initiatives at the national level and, taking account of different funding mechanisms in EU member states (Social insurance-based; Germany and Hungary, private insurance-based; Netherlands and taxation-based; UK), to develop and assess business models to support the mainstream provision of assistive solutions. The focus will be on dementia sufferers, but the platform will offer the potential to be extended to other chronic conditions.

Expected results and impact

The project has already had significant commercial success.  The UK partners, Peverell and Centrihealth, have developed a new assisted living solution which uses the corkboard component of the CCE solution.  They have invested considerable resources of their own to launch a new assisted living solution called Apollo in the UK and they openly state that they would not have developed this solution had they not been involved in the CCE project.  UID have developed a dementia RFID enabled table, which has commercial spin offs in other areas.


Partners involved in the CCE project

Organization Type Country Website
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Biomedical Engineering Knowledge Centre R&D Hungary
Building Research Establishment R&D UK
Centrihealth Large Industry UK
Fraunhofer SME Germany
Innomed Medical Inc. Large Industry Hungary
MedCom GmbH Large Industry Germany
Hungarian Association of Home Care and Hospice SME Hungary
Philips Large Industry Netherlands
Peverel End User UK
User Interface Design GmbH Large Industry Germany
  • Project name: Connected Care for Elderly Persons Suffering from Dementia (CCE)
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: Building Research Establishment Limited (BRE)
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Starting Date: 01.07.2009
  • Total budget: € 3.000.000
  • Public contribution: € 1.500.000


Dr. Ranjit Bassi


T.: N/A


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