ICT for ageing well.



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Target groups: Independent older people with no severe illnesses or disabilities, but not excluding the elderly with some mobility impairments or mild cognitive limitations.

To ensure the success of the development of the project, the users’ opinion and point of view will always be taken into account, starting from the investigation of the state of the art of the involved technologies and their perception, going through the design and development of the different modules of the solution, and finishing with the trials phase to be performed in their homes.

Technology to be employed: The envisioned ChefMySelf system can be divided into three main components – Cloud Services, User Interface and Food Processor – each interacting with each over a set of secure, open and standardised interfaces. The proposed system will follow the cloud computing paradigm, ensuring security, scalability and reliability.

Pilots: To perform the usability test, the system will be setup and demonstrated by the participating organisations at selected pilot sites (2 sites are foreseen: Italy and The Netherlands).

Business model: We think that the business strategy should be focused on the elder people collectivities. So strategy will be based on TWO PHASES: 1) Promote the product knowledge and Sales via specialised retailers; 2) (Once the market becomes animated, the consumers talk about the product’s excellence…, we will be prepared for this Phase 2) Broad advertisement and sales in the traditional household appliances stores and retailers (Carrefour, Mediamarkt….).



The ChefMySelf project’s main goal is to develop a customisable and extensible (ICT) service ecosystem built around an automatic cooking solution to support older people in preparing meals and maintaining healthy eating habits. A food processor with an accessible interface, specially tailored for the elderly, will encourage them to take care of themselves according to their particular nutrition requirements, and a social network focused on the topic of healthy ageing and eating, will become a tool to motivate them to be active, maintain existing social relationships and create new ones.

Expected results and impact:

ChefMySelf will support the elderly in developing culturally appropriate guidelines for healthy eating, contributing to reducing risk factors associated with major diseases and increase factors that protect health throughout one’s life.

The solution proposed by the ChefMySelf Project is going to be applicable all around Europe and will be culturally appropriate and adapted to the users’ tastes. So the solution will fulfill the needs of one of the most increasing collectives of Europe: healthy elderly people living alone.


Fundación CetemmsaRESEARCH
Istituto Nazionale di Ricovero e Cura per
Associação Fraunhofer Portugal ResearchRESEARCH
ASM Market Research and Analysis Centre


Duration: 24 Months

Starting Date: 01 June 2013

Total budget:

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