Due to the fast ICT development over the past decades, technology offers the opportunity to provide digital solutions for telerehabilitation including technology-based training in the home environment as well as a digital centralized case management. So far, there is no model on the market for a validated and user-friendly geriatric telerehabilitation approach which includes technological solutions for home-based, individually tailored training as well as digital centralized case management. The COCARE solution is a technology-driven ecosystem for in- and out-patient rehabilitation as well as a tool for supervised home-based rehabilitation (telerehabilitation). The solution combines a user-friendly software (including patient, assessment, and training management) and dedicated hardware to ensure a safe, reliable, and effective experience and treatment along the whole geriatric continuum-of-care.


Towards a new solution for active aging.
In today’s health care markets there is a strong need for digital, remotely controlled, home-based training and therapy. New technologies make it possible to continue therapies regardless of location. Therapies can be customized in real time and based on the collected data, results are recorded and the therapy is optimized. Within the framework of this research project, we will create a comprehensive system for geriatric rehabilitation, that can be used in the whole continuum-of-care (in clinic and at home). We are aiming towards a solution that improves the rehabilitation process and brings a significant benefit for patients.

Expected Results and Impact:

COCARE is designed for treatment in geriatric health care and rehabilitation pathways. It starts during the in- and out-patient treatment of patients in clinics, hospitals or other therapy centres and continues, under the supervision of an assigned therapist, in the home environment. The solution will help therapists in their day-to-day work, making it easier to provide effective therapies for patients that will ultimately result in better outcomes and minimise the time spend in rehab and and improve the effectiveness of the therapy. The goal of the projects aims to provide a solution which is equally effective but more affordable than conventional treatment.

Project partners

Partners involved in the project

Organization Type Country Website
DIVIDAT AG SME Switzerland
ETH R&D Switzerland
Don Gnocchi End-Users Italy
Materia SME Cyprus
  • Project name: COCARE
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: DIVIDAT AG (Switzerland)
  • Duration: 30 Months
  • Starting Date
  • Total budget: € 1 650 000
  • Public contribution: € 980 000


Manuela Omlin


T.: +41 44 586 88 34

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