ICT for ageing well.



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Three core components will be developed: an integration service with open and extensible APIs that allow integrating the system with third party devices, systems and infrastructures; user interfaces that will allow people to interact with the system, both to input information such as intake logging and also to get help planning their meals and shopping; recommendation engine for the analysis of all information and generation of recommendations through algorithms developed within the project. The project plans to involve around 110 users in three countries (Portugal, United Kingdom and the Netherlands) throughout different stages in the project. The field trials are planned to cover the following scenarios:  serviced apartments, nursing homes, day-care centres, home support and independent, community dwelling seniors.


Cordon Gris will provide the conditions for the ‘flat-rate food’ concept to become a reality in different scenarios, e.g. independent users, institutions. It will create a system to gather and manage all the data that is relevant for the recommendation of healthy eating, coming from different sources: sensors for activity monitoring, user reported data, country-specific food composition databases, retailers’ information or service providers’ information. By making sense of all the data, the central intelligent system can generate recommendations that balance healthy eating, physical activity and a budget constraint.

Expected results and impact:
  1. Identification of main rules and development of algorithms to support a recommendation engine that fosters healthy eating on a budget.
  2. Integration with retailers and design of the service(s) in the three participating countries.
  3. Inclusively designed user interfaces.
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Red Ninja StudiosSMEUnited
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Coordinator: Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS

Duration: 24 months

Starting Date: 01 May 2016

Total budget: 1 819 291.28 €

Public contribution: 1 297 999.00 €


Ana Correia de Barros
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