CoSoPhy FX

Three  startups  (Senopi,  SenX,  TMMC)  enter  the  project  with  prototypes  of  their  innovative solutions for: a) providing Virtual Reality (VR) experiences to seniors, b) VR motion-­‐tracking and c) using music to promote health. The prototypes are subjected to usability  testing,  co-­‐design  and  co-­‐creation  workshops,  with  the  help  of  an  end-­‐user  organisation (AkaBer) that promotes the interests of seniors towards the development of innovative solutions, to produce an improved solution that integrates the three initial components  into  a  single  service.  To  investigate  whether  the  use  of  the  service  can  result in health benefits for healthy and high-­‐functioning seniors, a clinical intervention study  is  conducted  at  a  university  hospital  (MUL).  In  parallel,  the  service  is  tested  by  clinician and patient end-­‐users in a rehabilitation clinic (Cato), who produce complementary user feedback, leading to further improvements of the service. The final version of the service is subjected to a final usability test, to assess its market-­‐readiness.


This project is developing an online service to provide scientifically validated virtual reality activities for high-­‐functioning seniors and prolong their functional independence. It addresses multiple issues for numerous stakeholders; most importantly: a) the lack of engaging exercise programs featuring proven, well-­‐documented beneficial effects, that seniors can participate in, on their own, at home; b) the remote monitoring of seniors’ cognitive and physical abilities by their family and doctors; c) optimising resources and revenue in rehabilitation clinics and senior care homes.

Expected Results and Impact:

The project is primarily expected to result in a service that improves certain cognitive and motor abilities in healthy seniors, thereby distancing them further from clinical thresholds for age-­‐related debilitation and prolonging their healthy life years. In parallel, the project is expected to demonstrate the positive financial effects such a service can have on the senior healthcare ecosystem, as well as to provide a platform for scientific research labs to increase their efficiency, monetise their research output and maximise their societal impact.


Partners involved in the project

Organization Type Country Website
Senopi AG SME Switzerland
Akademie Berlingen End Users Switzerland www.akademie-­‐
Sensoryx AG SME Switzerland
Medical University of Lodz R&D Poland
The Music Medicine Consultancy SME Austria
CatoSenteret End Users Norway
  • Project name: Bringing the beneficial cognitive, social and physical effects of immersive training to the high-­‐functioning senior home-­‐user (CoSoPhy FX)
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: Senopi AG
  • Duration: 24 months
  • Starting Date: 01/06/2021
  • Total budget: € 1,661,253.50
  • Public contribution: € 938,782.35


Karsten Kure Bagger



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