CREATE project is built around seniors being great storytellers with knowledge and experiences to share with others. Therefore, an innovative platform will be developed with aim to:

– Help older adults to create their own digital product by offering them easy-to-follow courses and instructions.
– provide self-publishing assistance and a marketplace to elderly so that they can commercialize their products. It will also assist them by initiating joint commercialisation activities and offering platform API to interested institutions, organizations and companies
– create of an environment for older adults to connect not only to others of a similar age but also to other generations in order to learn from each other, to help each other and to form co-creation projects.

End users will be involved at all project stages and at market introduction for understanding and specifying the context of use, specifying requirements, development and evaluation of the prototype. Families of primary users and organisational users of digital content generated by older people will provide the majority of effort leading up to market launch. In particular, feedback from secondary users will help validate market assumptions, set quality standards for the platform and its products.

The platform is innovative in the service model and the innovative tools it’s offering to the users: digital companion (an algorithm based on machine learning that will observe the behaviour of the end-users with the platform and help them) and Smart AutoEditor (a tool for automatic simplification of written phrases).


It is common among seniors to fear social isolation, inability to be a useful and productive member of society and eventually being forgotten. The CREATE project will develop a platform, accessible through a web application, that will allow senior citizens above 60 years old to transform their life experience, knowledge and stories into market desired digital products. The platform will be offered to research institutes, museums, municipalities, tourist agencies, students, senior associations, seniors’ families, etc. interested in a certain topic or location or historical event looking for an authentic, alternative and unique sources of information away from mainstream media and search engines.

Expected Results and Impact:

CREATE attracts all older adults above 60 years of age as its primary users but it will not be limited only to this age group, younger generations can join the platform and create their own content. Users with low IT skill will be able to use the CREATE platform and will find it user friendly and intuitive. As for secondary users, we focus on people in the academic and research environment, tourists, people interested in social, cultural and historical knowledge. We will also encourage and invite family members and friends of the older adults who have shown interest in being part of the platform so they can help their loved ones to create their content, download it, read it and cherish it. In addition, CREATE will target organizations that may be interested in the content created on the platform, or in becoming a CREATE sponsor and advertise on it. In this sense, CREATE will contact museums, municipalities, cultural centers, tourist and travel related businesses, tourist information in different municipalities, organizations and companies offering services or products for older adults for future collaboration.


Project Partners

Partners involved in the project

Organization Type Country Website
ASM Market Research and Analysis Centre Ltd. SME Poland
terzStiftung User Switzerland
Neos vzw User Belgium
University of Geneva R&D Switzerland
OPTECS SME The Netherlands
RandomForest SME Poland
Yumytech Sàrl SME Switzerland
  • Project name: Share the past, CREATE the future (CREATE)
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: ASM – Market Research and Analysis Centre
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Starting Date01/06/2022
  • Total budget: € 2,200 000
  • Public contribution€ 1,200 000


Mr. Łukasz Wilczyński


T.:+48 697 122 540

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