ICT for ageing well.



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Nothing exceeds meeting people eye-to-eye, but new telepresence technology provides, however the second best. CVN results will be based on user oriented research of the elderly and elderly organisations, creating a network that supports:


  • Family contact and activities, connecting the elderly with their family, friends and relatives to support their social needs from a distance;
  • Care contact, connecting the elderly with their care professional and supporting the care plan;
  • Community, connecting the elderly with the community, based on shared interests, hobbies, pastimes and personal experiences.

ConnectedVitality – The Personal Telepresence Network (CVN) – aims to link groups of senior citizens into a video communication network, enabling them to choose the activity as well as levels of social interaction according to their individual needs, abilities and lifestyle.

Expected results and impact:

We believe that with the creation of a new generation of multipoint videoconferencing formats tuned to the personal preferences of the elderly. In which up to 50 people can interact and conduct social meaningful activities with each other, a new vision on meaningful contact from a distance will arise.


Coordinator: PresenceDisplays, The Netherlands

Duration: 36 Months

Starting Date: 01 June 2010

Total budget: € 2.518.060

Public contribution: NN


Robbert Smit
General Manager
Presence Displays Presence Displays
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The Netherlands
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