During the DAPAS project we will build up an innovative solution, which is based on the needs of older adults and their relatives. DAPAS combines successful functions of different service partners. These innovative solutions will be combined and refined into one product that can be distributed on a larger scale, to improve quality of life of older people and their relatives. The product of DAPAS will be constructed as a tablet app with a cloud back-end and include smart hardware components and a voice assistant. Additionally, during the project, DAPAS will develop the organisational and technical structures, and framework around the packages that allow a distribution and plug & play installation at a bigger scale. With the execution of a one-year trail phase, the product will be evaluated and tested. A scope of 120 older adults will participate in the 3 pilot sites (Austria, Luxembourg and Portugal), as well as their formal and informal caregivers. The product will be assessed and evaluated during the whole trail phase, combining participants who use the product with a control group.


DAPAS mainly tries to solve the problems currently perceived in the area of distribution of AAL-products. The main objective is to develop a holistic, scalable and market-ready AAL- product through using existing AAL-projects and products. The project also  intends to build up the technical and organisational structures so that the product can be delivered smoothly throughout the whole service life cycle. During the project, we will evaluate the distribution process and impact of the packages on end-users in three countries – Portugal, Luxembourg and Austria – with varying cultures and languages.

Expected results and impact

Two of the facts which are analysed during the project are the (cost-)effectiveness and acceptance of the distribution process. As a result of the project, scientific statements to these facts should be clear. In addition, the effectiveness of service packages on the daily life of the users and their relatives from a user perspective shall be documented and the results will be utilised for further improvements. The acceptance of the different service packages from a market perspective is also an important measurement of the project and should be evident at the end of the project. The goal of the project is a market-ready product which does include all the predefined features.


Partners involved in the DAPAS project

Organization Type Country Website
exthex GmbH SME Austria www.exthex.com
IDEABLE SOLUTIONS SL SME Spain www.ideable.net
AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH R&D Austria www.ait.ac.at
University of Deusto, eVIDA R&D Spain www.deusto.es
Steftung Hellef Doheem End User Luxembourg www.shd.lu
Medical University of Vienna R&D Austria www.meduniwien.ac.at
New Design University R&D Austria www.ndu.ac.at
Cáritas Diocesana de Coimbra End User Portugal www.caritascoimbra.pt
Red Cross Styria End User Austria www.roteskreuz.at
  • Project name: DAPAS – Deploying AAL Packages at Scale
  • Website: www.dapas-project.eu
  • Coordinator: exthex GmbH
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Starting date: 01.09.2018
  • Total budget: 2,3 Mio  €
  • Public contribution: 1,7 Mio €


Paul Köberl

E.: paul.koeberl@exthex.com

T.: +43 676 898 464 222

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