The project comprises entities from different sectors like universities, telecare companies, food providers companies and ICT SMEs.

The technology that will be used in the DIET4Elders project will be classified regarding the 3 main pillars of the app. For Data Monitoring and acquisition: RFID, Wireless sensor networks, etc. For Data Analysis: Ontologies, Data Mining, etc. For Older Adults ICT Services: Semantic, SOA, etc.

For a good evaluation of the proposed solution and for understanding the real needs of older adults, DIET4Elders will count with a company that provides food services to older adults in their own homes and also to nursing delivering meals to about 2000 older adults within Galicia region, in the north of Spain.


The DIET4Elders system proposes the development of new older adults diet support service models which bring together the main factors responsible for establishing a long term healthy self-feeding for older adults. Beneficiaries: (I) The nutritionists and clinicians – which will dynamically define and adjust the appropriate die. (II) Older adults – which will use the defined support services to self-manage their daily life activity of self-feeding. (III) Food providers – which will allow the automate selection and composition of their food so that the right combination of meals that fit best with both nutritionist recommended diet and older adults preferences is delivered.

Expected results and impact

The results of the project will be a set of tools (hardware and software) to monitor, advise, an provide services in daily activities of self-feeding for the older adults ranging from food delivery to nutrition counselling and guidance. DIET4Elders will bring quantitative, qualitative, social and economic successful results after putting on the market the application. The tools will considerable decrease the older adults malnutrition cases, as well as the costs of Public Health, for managing the malnutrition effects.


Partners involved in the DIET4Elders project

Organization Type Country Website
Tunstall Healthcare Ltd. Large Industry United Kingdom
COESCO DEZA S.L. End User Spain
Kings College London R&D UK
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca R&D Romania
  • Project name: Dynamic nutrItion bEhaviour awareness sysTem FOR the Elders
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: ISOIN
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Starting Date: 01.07.2013
  • Total budget: € 2.005.433,00
  • Public contribution: € 1.324.701,60


Víctor Sánchez


T.: +34 954 21 90 13

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