DOMEO focuses on the development of an open robotic platform for the integration and  adaptation of personalized homecare services, as well as cognitive and physical assistance.


The DOMEO platform includes:

  • 2 types of robots (cognitive and physical);
  • graphic and tactile interfaces;
  • voice recognition and speech synthesis;
  • cloud services for tele-presence;
  • tools for integration of various sensors and services.

The middleware software platform used for integration, is available in open-source, to make easier different implementations and scenarios. DOMEO deals with all the aspects of assistive robotics :

  • robotic and internet technologies;
  • medical and non-medical sensors;
  •  interface with home infrastructures;
  •  ethical issues.

To demonstrate and validate the potential of open robotic platforms, intensive trials (lab trials, site demos, patient’s homes field tests) are scheduled during the 3rd year.

Expected results and impact

DOMEO aims at helping elderly to stay longer and safer at home. By using advanced  robotic technologies, DOMEO will also help caregivers in their daily work.


Partners involved in the DOMEO project

Organization Type Country Website
ISIR R&D France
CHUT R&D France
NILR End User Hungary
TAS Large Industry France
TUW R&D Austria
BME R&D Hungary
Meditech SME Hungary
  • Project name: Domestic Robot for elderly assistance
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: ROBOSOFT (France)
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Starting Date: 01.07.2009
  • Total budget: €  2.400.000
  • Public contribution: € 2.160.000


Vincent Dupourqué


T.: +33-559 415 367

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