The app of DigiRehab offers homecare workers the opportunity to assess elderly and help them performing exercises. It already has been demonstrated that physical capacity and self-reliance are improved by doing this. In this project the scope of the application is
broadened in a twofold manner:

1. It will be further developed towards a self-training app. So, even without the presence of care workers, citizens can use the app to train themselves. This will be tested in Denmark with end-users together with a municipality.
2. It will be internationalised. It has been developed together with Danish municipalities, in a reimbursement system, which is in favour of such applications. Citizens of other EU-countries do not have access yet. In this project it will be evaluated with citizens in Belgium and Austria and it will be investigated what type of reimbursement is possible there to have this application available there as well.

The knowledge will be shared in via presentations in conferences and via the AAL network.


Often frailty in elderly is strengthened by too low levels of activity. Physical exercise has been proven to be a good intervention to increase self-reliance and independence. It also enhances the quality of life and can cut costs of care. However, not all elderly are in touch with professionals who are trained to assess the physical capacity and set up a training program. This project empowers (home) care workers and citizens to take up this role, by offering them an app, with the exercises.


Expected results and impact:

The project will result in an app for self-training which might be almost ready for approaching the market (TRL 6-7). For the other countries the result is a report on market analysis and business strategy and possible partnership for market access of the assisted-training app. This will be suitable for all elderly in these countries and can have a high impact on their wellbeing. In order to reach this, this project facilitates the pilots and research needed.


Partners involved in a project

Organization Type Country Website
DigiRehab SME Denmark www.digirehab.dk/us/
Zorggroep.H.Hart End User Belgium http://www.h-hart.be/
AlpScapes SME Austria www.alpscapes.com/
Favrskov Kommune End Users Denmark www.favrskov.dk/
  • Project name: Digital training for improved Elderlies self-reliance and quality of LIFE (e-LIFE)
  • Website: www.digirehab.dk/elife
  • Coordinator: DigiRehab A/S
  • Duration: 9 months
  • Starting date: 03/2020
  • Total budget: € 458.682
  • Public contribution: € 196.452


Niels Heuer

E.: niels@digirehab.dk

T.: +45 22 72 72 20

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