ICT for ageing well.



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The solution will be based on a combination of existing and future open mobile platforms, an IP connected server platform and a home security sensor network. Applications will be developed and customised for these. Furthermore, an accessory portable easy-wearable device will allow an easy control of the main functionalities of the service to interface with the mobile phone. The development and analysis of applications consist of two parts: the identification of services and features to be exploited and/or offer and development of a user friendly graphic interface. This methodology allows the exploitation of services developed by applications from other platforms by eliminating duplication and ensuring interoperability, scalability and easy development of new features. E-MOSION will involve users extensively in the requirements analysis, the usability engineering and evaluation tasks. Involvement of the end-users means to investigate users’ needs and wishes addressed to the project objectives.


The proposal aims at enabling integral outdoor and indoor localisation and mobility services for elderly people with age-related sensory (visual, auditory) and cognitive (memory) impairments that help them in their daily routine activities far from home. Special attention will be given to key activities for their autonomous living (e.g. shopping, banking) and with a particular societal benefit (e.g. accompanying grandchildren); procuring active and convenient engagement of all relevant stakeholders (relatives, health-social-security services, establishments).

Expected results and impact:

The aim to create an open platform in E-MOSION highlights the need and wish of the consortium to be compatible to or, even better, reuse other open AAL platforms, such as universAAL. As AIT is a partner in universAAL, there will be the possibility for a close collaboration and thus the chance to enable a European AAL ecosystem for the creation of market solutions. E-MOSION offers a suite of services delivered in an innovative business model that offers an unprecedented value proposition. Exploitation and utilisation is possible on two fronts – businesses and primary users.



AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbHR&DAustria
Noldus Information Technology BVSMEThe Netherlands
INERTIA TechnologySMEThe Netherlands
Unie KBOEnd UserThe Netherlands

Coordinator: Integrasys S.A. (Spain)

Duration: 30 Months

Starting Date: 01 July 2012

Total budget: 2,413,672.80€

Public contribution: 1,538,170.00€


Juan Sanchez