The project implementation is based on an iterative strategy. A first phase is dedicated to the development of a pre-prototype with the basic functionalities. After testing and evaluation of the performance of the pre-prototype, the results will be used to guide a second phase of development, which will deliver the final prototype. The implementation of the project will be based on a user-centred approach. As such, end-users are engaged at all stages of the project development and are invited to work closely with the RTD Performers and the company partners to reach a simple, intuitive and appealing final solution that reflects user needs and expectations.

Depending on the success of the pre-prototype version, the second phase of development will either be dedicated to (1) fine tuning of the basic functionalities and incorporation of additional features envisaged for the advanced version of the technology, or (2) wide re-design of the basic functionalities to implement contingency approaches and achieve the success criteria for the compression solution.



Venous insufficiency is a chronic health problem with a huge impact on the quality of life of older persons, since it is greatly hindering their mobility both indoor and outdoor. It is characterised by poor back flow of blood to the heart, which can ultimately originate ulcers. The most practical non-invasive treatment to improve blood circulation is compression therapy. But even the use of current compression therapy methods (such as obtrusive and unstylish bandages and stockings) greatly limits the older persons in their mobility and hinders their autonomy and self-confidence to perform daily routine tasks and physical activity.

Expected results and impact

This project targets a novel solution with sophisticated ICT-based compression stockings that can deliver high-standard treatment. The stockings will be easy to use by older persons who will be able to put them on/off by themselves improving their self-sufficiency and mobility. The system will be programmed with a set of parameters according to the compression treatment prescribed by a medical doctor to the specific patient. During routine use, the technology will support real-time automatic adjustments of the compression levels in response to physical/physiological variations detected by the sensors.


Partners involved in the eStockings project

Organization Type Country Website
Aarhus University, Department of Engineering R&D Denmark eng.au.dk/en/
Tampere University of Technology R&D Finland www.tut.fi/en
University Hospitality Basel R&D Switzerland angionet.ch
Silvergreen Oy SME Finland www.silvergreen.fi
Handywear SME Denmark www.handywear.dk
Nonwowens Innovations and research Institute SME United Kingdom www.nonwovens-innovation.com
Tisturion SME Denmark www.tisturion.dk
The Lindsay LegClub Foundation End User United Kingdom www.legclub.org
Curaviva End User Switzerland www.curaviva.ch
  • Project name: eStockings – New generation smart compression stockings with integrated ICT for superior customized performance
  • Website: www.e-stockings.eu
  • Coordinator: Tisturion, Denmark
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Starting Date: 01.02.2012
  • Total budget: € 1.934.259
  • Public contribution: € 1.165.280


Frants Christensen

E.: fc@tisturion.dk

T.: 0045 25 70 07 52

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