Easierphone consists of a core app with a simplified interface for basic smartphone functionalities and additional modules to deliver Quality of Life services to Seniors and their families.
These features will be tested in 3 pilot programs in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Poland, each lasting several months.:
• Pilot 1 will focus on the core application
• Pilot 2 will add the modules “AI-observer” (AI based monitoring of user well-being) “walking together” (exercise stimulation) and “One touch call” (1 button call interface to reach a network of available supporters).
• Pilot 3 will test the final updated version of core app and modules. It will be available for early access to anyone through the Google Play Store.


Easierphone simplifies smartphones.

Today’s smartphones are complex, but many users only need a fraction of the functionalities available. The Easierphone app provides a simple, clear home screen and easy to use apps for Android phones. To solve technical problems, Easierphone can be remotely supported by a family member. Optional monitoring of well-being and emergency protocols can provide peace of mind for senior citizens and their families.

Expected results and impact:

For senior users: Satisfaction of confident smartphone use; improved social inclusion, more autonomy, stimulation, safety, improved mobility through better access to services.

For supporting families: Easy way to support a device remotely, peace of mind through emergency protocol and optional monitoring of well-being.

For service providers: Access to a platform with active mobile senior users and their supporters.

Easierphone will be launched commercially at the end of this project and will be available for Android smartphones through the Google Play Store no later than September 2023

Project partners

Partners involved in the project

Organization Type Country Website
Pappy GmbH SME Switzerland www.pappy.ch
University of Geneva R&D Switzerland www.tam.unige.ch/
Almende B.V. SME The Netherlands www.almende.com/
Institute for Aging Research End-user Switzerland www.ost.ch/en
MOB Drechtsteden B.V. Internos End-user The Netherlands www.mob.nu/
ASM - Market Research and Analysis Center SME Poland www.asm-poland.com.pl/en/
  • Project name: Easierphone – app platform to empower and assist seniors with smartphones (Easierphone)
  • Website: www.easierphone.com
  • Coordinator: Pappy GmbH
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Starting Date: 01.04.2021.
  • Total budget: € 2 500 000
  • Public contribution€ 1 500 000


Robert Huber

E.: robert@pappy.ch

T.: +41 79 607 3703

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